Concordat Jaegers

Concordat Jaegers.jpg
Concordat Jaegers
Formed Early Succession Wars
Nickname Strength Through Adversity
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Parent Command I Corps

The Concordat Jaegers was a Taurian Concordat military formation which was originally a mixed unit of BattleMechs with infantry support and which was assigned to the I Corps brigade of the Taurian Defense Force.

Unit Insignia and Color Scheme[edit]

The Jaegers' insignia was a five-pointed star surrounded by laurel leaves.[1] Units belonging to the Jaegers painted their machines a flat reddish-brown and have emblem of the Taurian Concordat painted at the most forward point.[2]


Formation during the Succession Wars[edit]

The Jaegers, like the other Taurian Concordat forces, were formed after the fall of the Star League and departure of the SLDF in 2784. The Jaegers were raised from defense battalions located on Atreus Prime and New Vallis. The Jaegers would go on to serve along the Capellan border, where they conducted their most noted action of the era; in 2998, the Jaegers conducted the Taurian Concordat's only raid against the Capellan Confederation. In a raid against Liao world of Larsha, the Jaegers successfully raided a Supply Depot.[3] During these times the Jaegers were considered to be of Veteran skill and consisted of on average number of medium BattleMechs in its formations.

Post–Succession Wars era[edit]

The Jaegers did not see much action in 3030s through 3050s.

St. Ives Conflict[edit]

In the early 3060s the Concordat Jaegers were sent into the St. Ives Compact alongside the Taurian Velites as a part of the TDF's contribution of troops to the conflict. When open hostilities broke out in what became the Capellan-St. Ives Civil War the Jaegers faced off against the Seventh FedCom RCT and Illician Lancers. In the later stages of the conflict the Jaegers received a lot of credit for their battle against the Second St. Ives Lancers on Warlock, where they fought the Lancers to a standstill, and the Jaegers went on to form a part of the final assault against the Compact's capital world of St. Ives.[4]

Rebuilding & Return to the Concordat[edit]

The fighting in the Compact hand changed the character of the Jaegers. The unit's third battalion had been completely lost in the war, and the survivors of the shattered elite Taurian Velites were integrated into the Jaegers as the Jaegers' new third Battalion at the command of then-General Brenda Calderon.[5][6] The Jaegers were then stationed on Taga.[7] The regiment was also enhanced with new technology salvaged from the fighting, and now included larger 'Mechs. This forced the unit to change its tactics.

After returning to the Concordat the Jaegers were spread thinly, defending the border with the rest of I Corps. As of 3067 the Jaegers were assigned to the worlds of Argos, Regis Roost and New Vandenberg. On Regis Roost the Jaegers' aerospace support, the Second Air Division, was assigned to provide cover for the ground elements assigned there.[8] The Jaegers were kept busy fighting with such pirates groups as the Calderon's Commando. Due to the Jaegers' ties with former General Brenda Calderon the unit's rating of loyalty was ranked at questionable during this period.[9]

After the Jihad ended the Concordat Jaegers were assigned to garrison Ridgebrook and Flintoft. The harsh fighting led some of the Jaegers to question their actions during the Jihad.[10] The Jaegers found themselves on the front lines during Operation MATADOR, the Federated Suns counteroffensive against the Concordat; on Flintoft, the Jaegers came under heavy attack from AFFS forces led by the Davion Assault Guards and the First Syrtis Fusiliers, while on Ridgebrook they faced both the 59th Strike Regiment and the Syrtis Avengers, led personally by Field Marshal Nathaniel Hasek, the commander of the AFFS task force assigned to MATADOR.[11][12] The assault on Flintoft resulted in the Jaegers losing two battalions.[13]

Field Marshal Hasek was killed in an ambush in mid-June 3080, prompting an internal conflict in the chain of command between the Avengers and the 59th Strike, at which point the Taurian forces on Ridgebrook informed the AFFS troops that the major cities on the world had been booby-trapped with nuclear devices. Should any AFFS unit enter one of these cities, the Taurians would detonate the corresponding nuke to destroy the AFFS unit in question, while also inflicting heavy casualties on the civilian population. This announcement reduced the battle to an uneasy stalemate, with the Jaegers clashing with the AFFS in small battles away from the major population centers; the Jaegers were then reinforced by the First Taurian Lancers in mid-June, who had managed to run the AFFS blockade of the system.[11]

In 3081 it was reported that the Jaegers forces on Flintoft had been destroyed by the combined forces of the First Syrtis Fusiliers and the Davion Assault Guards during MATADOR, with the Jaegers forces on Ridgebrook reduced to just over a third of their established strength by the end of the war.[14]

The third battalion of the Concordat Jaegers, reinforced by the First Taurian Lancers, were able to hold on to Ridgebrook despite being outnumbered by the Fifty-ninth Striker mercenary unit. By employing hit and run tactics during the assault, the Jaegers were able to keep the system in Taurian hands once the armistice was signed. Since that time the unit, now down to two companies, has been redeployed to Dicallus to protect the new Taurian-FedSuns border.[15] Many observers expect the survivors of the Concordat Jaegers and Red Chasseurs to merge as both units are so dramatically understrength.[16]

Dark Age[edit]

The Concordat Jaegers of 3145 were stationed on Midale and Johnson's Hold. From there they defended the Concordat from raids and attacks by both the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation. They also conducted raids of their own, often at the direction of the Protector.[17]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Concordat Jaegers
Colonel Patrick Sterling 3025[18]
Colonel Kai Shoguwa 3050 - 3058[19][20][21]
Colonel Carol Trennouth 3064 - 3080[22][23][24]
Colonel Phan Mah Lut 3085[25]
Colonel Fred Cook 3145[26]


Originally, the Unit used its nearly all medium-sized BattleMechs force to outmaneuver pirate raiders. After the Capellan-St. Ives Civil War, the unit gained heavier BattleMechs, these tactics have changed.[27]

Composition History[edit]


Concordat Jaegers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[28]

  • At this point in time the Jaegers were a medium-weight regiment and were stationed on New Vallis.[28] In 2821 the unit was stationed on Brinton, but had been reduced to just over one-third strength.[28]


Concordat Jaegers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[29]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Brinton with an operational readiness of 102 percent.[29]


Concordat Jaegers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[29]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on New Vandenberg with an operational readiness of 64 percent.[29]


Concordat Jaegers[30]

  • CO: Colonel Patrick Storfing
  • First Battalion (Veteran/Fanatical) - CO: Subaltern Kai Shoguwa
  • Second Battalion (Veteran/Reliable) - CO: Subaltern Beatrice Davenport
  • Third Battalion (Veteran/Reliable) - CO: Subaltern Mikhail Kandinsky

- Supported with attached Infantry, aerospace fighters forces, while also having DropShip & JumpShip support to transport them all.[31]


Concordat Jaegers (BattleMech Regiment)[19][20]

  • CO: Colonel Kai Shoguwa
  • First Battalion - CO: Subaltern Brigid Heckman
  • Second Battalion - CO: Subaltern Carol Trennouth
  • Third Battalion - Co: Subaltern Alfred Bonifachio


Concordat Jaegers (BattleMech Regiment)[21]

  • CO: Colonel Kai Shoguwa
  • First Battalion (Veteran/Fanatical) - CO: Brigadier Brigid Heckman
  • Second Battalion (Veteran/Reliable) - CO: Brigadier Carol Trennouth
  • Third Battalion (Veteran/Reliable) - Co: Brigadier James Howard

- All three Battalions are considered Veterans skilled. The unit's loyalty range from First Battalion's being fanatical, while remaining are rated as reliable. Garrison locations: First Battalion is assigned to New Vandenberg, Second Battalion on Pinard, and Third Battalion on Burton.


Concordat Jaegers (BattleMech Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[32]

  • CO: Colonel Carol Trennouth
  • First Battalion - CO: Brigade Kevin Stills
  • Second Battalion - CO: Brigade James Howard
  • Third Battalion - Co: Brigade Charise Helser

Second Velites Air Division (Wing/Regular/Questionable)[32]


Concordat Jaegers (Veteran/Questionable)[23]

  • CO: Colonel Carol Trennouth

Second Velites Air Division (Wing/Regular/Questionable)[23]


The severe fighting along the Federated Suns border reduced the Concordat Jaegers strength to seventy percent of their listed strength. In addition though they gained a great deal of experience, the actions of the TDF during the war led them to question their commander's behavior.[10]


Concordat Jaegers (1 Battalion/Elite/Reliable)[25]

  • CO: Colonel Phan Mah Lut

Second Velites Air Division (Wing/Elite/Fanatical)[25]

  • CO: Senior Air Master Olufemi Kleid


Concordat Jaegers (Regular/Reliable)[26]

  • CO: Colonel Fred Cook

Second Velites Air Division (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[26]

  • CO: Senior Air Master Dorothy Evans


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