Condottiere Assault Craft
Production information
Manufacturer Nimakachi Fusion Products Ltd
Use Assault
Type (Shape) Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost ???
Introduced 3093
Technical specifications
Mass 150 Tons
Structural Integrity 5
Length 16 Meters
Engine (Type) Fusion
Safe Thrust 3
Maximum Thrust 5
Fuel 9 tons (720 Points)
Burn Rate
Armament 2 x RAC/5
2 x LRM 15
3 x ER Medium Lasers (Aft)
Armor Ferro-Aluminum Armor
Heat Sinks 11 Double Heat Sinks
Crew 1 Officer
2 Enlisted / Non-Rate
2 Gunner
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 2,054[1][2]


Produced by Nimakachi Fusion Products Ltd in the early 3090s, the Condottiere Assault Craft was produced to fill the need for a cost effective escort in the post-Jihad era. Due to its inexpensive upkeep and its balanced firepower, the Condottiere saw service throughout the Inner Sphere with large and small military organizations.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Condottiere's main firepower is focused in the forward fire arcs. Mounted in its nose are a pair of Class 5 Rotary Autocannons, with a single Artemis IV guided 15-tube Long-Range Missile launcher in each of its wings. The ship's aft is protected by the craft's only energy weapons, a cluster of three Extended Range Medium Lasers.

Unlike its ancient forerunners (Lyonesse & Aquarius) which were originally designed as Surface to Orbit Escorts, the Condottiere has longer legs with its 9 ton fuel tank. The craft is not known for its speed and it shares the maximum thrust rate of the Lyonesse.

The ship is noted for being easy to handle, making it ideal as a training vessel. Its hull is protected by 19.5 tons of Ferro-aluminum armor, with a large allotment of its armor focused in its nose. The craft has a single ton dedicated to cargo, with a single access door to it.[4]


All crew members have to sleep in steerage-class quarters. Condottieres are available for both short- and long-term leases. These leases however have mutual non-aggression clauses that essentially forbid Condottieres from firing on each other, even from opposite sides of a battle. This has led to at least one incident where opposing Condottieres have passed right by each other to savage the ships they were supposed to be defending.[citation needed]

The Condottiere is subject to the following Design Quirks:

Named Vessels[edit]

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