Conflicts of Interest

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Conflicts of Interest
Product information
Type Novella
Author Joel Steverson
Cover Artwork David Kerber
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 30 April 2021
Era Star League era
Timeline 12 November 2772 - 8 July 2784
Series Eridani Light Horse Chronicles
Followed by No Tears

Conflicts of Interest is a novella by Joel Steverson, published in April 2021.

Formed as the Star League Defense Force's Third Regimental Combat Team in the early twenty-eighth century, merely a few decades later the unit resisted troops sent by the Prince of Rasalhague “like spirited Eridani stallions chasing after fat, clumsy Luthien cows,” and thus the Eridani Light Horse (ELH) unit was born. Fighting through the whole Amaris Coup, the Eridani eventually fight all the way to Terra itself.[1]

From the back cover[edit]


Other mercenary units fly flags at two flagpoles at their headquarters, one with their unit's flag, and other bearing the flag of their current employer. However, the Third Regimental Combat Team—a.k.a. the Eridani Light Horse—leaves one flagpole bare, as a reminder of the death of the Star League, and the other pole flies the Light Horse's unit and regimental flags at half-mast.

What triumphs and tragedies shaped the Eridani Light Horse and its traditions? What drove them to become a force to be reckoned with, an elite mercenary unit with one of the longest histories and the deepest traditions in the Inner Sphere? Witness the unit's origins in the Star League and follow their evolution all the way through the Succession Wars and the Clan Invasion to their downfall in the Dark Age and their resurrection in the uncertain future of the ilClan era.

Part One: Conflicts of Interest by Joel Steverson: As part of the Star League Defense Force, the Eridani Light Horse battled the army of a madman for a dozen years, and helped bring peace to the Inner Sphere. But a new threat is rising as House Lords jockey for position and power, and soon the men and woman of the ELH face another terrible decision—stay and try to protect the Inner Sphere from being engulfed in war again, or leave...perhaps forever...

Plot summary[edit]

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