Conqueror-class Warship TRO3067.jpg
Conqueror-class Battlecruiser/Carrier
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Snow Raven
Introduced 3052
Production Year 3052[1]
Use Aerospace Carrier
Fleet Escort
Tech Base Clan Advance
Cost 10,322,340,000 C-Bills
Technical specifications
Mass 780,000 tons
Length 720 m
Sail Diameter 980 m
Fuel 3,000 tons
Burn Rate 39.52 tons
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Top Thrust 2.5 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 16
LF Battery Yes
Armor 950 tons of Lamellor Ferro-Carbide Armor
DropShip Capacity 2
Small craft/
Aerospace fighters
Crew 50 officers
200 enlisted/non-rated
50 Elemental troopers (10 Points)
200 passengers
Grav Decks 2 (65 & 85 meter diameter)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 20/20
Heat Sinks 1,575 (3,150)
Structural Integrity 70
BV (1.0) 155,756[2]
BV (2.0) 225,248


The Conqueror Class was constructed by the Snow Ravens when the Ghost Bears approached them for aid in the construction of their Leviathan Class Battleships in 3042. The Conqueror was conceived as carrier escort to the giant Leviathans. The ship was based on the old Star League Pursuit Cruiser design, Kimagure Class.

After the Battle of Tukayyid it became apparent that the Clans would not face Inner Sphere WarShips in near future. The Snow Ravens dropped out of the Ghost Bears' Leviathan construction program, but decided to complete the two Conqueror-Class vessels already under construction. The Conqueror was launched in 3052, and finished its trials a few months later. Meanwhile, delays on the sister ship, the Ark-Royal hampered its completion until 3059.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Despite being based on the Kimagure-class Pursuit Cruiser, the Conqueror-Class does not use the heavy energy weaponry that its predecessor used. The ship's primary capital grade weaponry consists of various mid-grade Naval Autocannons mounted on the bow and both broadsides, plus a pair of NAC/25 mounted aft. Light grade Naval PPCs augment the massive cannons in same firing arcs, while medium grade Naval PPCs are placed in the ship's broadsides. One dozen Naval Lasers of 45- and 55-type have been placed in both broadsides and aft-side firing arcs. Four Barracuda-type capital missile launchers are mounted in the bow, both broadside, and aft emplacements to provide long range firepower.

For anti-fighter protection, the ship has been given mix array of Extended Range and Pulse Lasers of Large and Small sizes augmented by a dozen sizes of LB-X Class Autocannons. However, the dizzying array of weaponry can overwhelm the ship's double heat sinks if more than one major firing arc is fired simultaneously. This would risk the ship losing its control, and potentially cause it to drift from its course during a firefight. As an Aerospace Carrier, the ship carries two clusters worth of fighter craft to protect the ship and its charges.

The ship's engines put out a maximum thrust factor of 5 and burn 39.52 tons of fuel a day. The fuel tanks hold a maximum fuel capacity of 3,000 tons. For external protection, the ship has 950 tons of Lamellor Ferro-Carbide Armor. The ship's inner structure is strong, and is capable enough to survive a brutal attack; its structural integrity has been rated at 70.


  • Bay 1: Fighters (50) 8 Doors
  • Bay 2: Fighters (50) 8 Doors
  • Bay 3: Cargo (44,651 tons) 10 Doors

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Related Designs[edit]

  • Kimagure Class Pursuit Cruiser - Star League predecessor.


  • In German products, the unit's proper name was translated to Eroberer.



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