Constance Kurita

Constance Kurita.png
Constance Kurita
Born 2990[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Title(s) Keeper of the Family Honor
Parents Marcus Kurita (father)[2]
Siblings Alexander Kurita
Donal Kurita[3]

Constance Kurita (born 2990 - died ????), was the Keeper of the Family Honor within the Draconis Combine


Constance Kurita was the daughter of Marcus Kurita and Takashi Kurita's second cousin. She was born and raised in Unity Palace on Luthien. Markus Kurita had her trained as similar to a lawyer as possible in her younger days as she was not eligible for university studies being a female.[4]

She became Chief Aide to her great-aunt Florimel Kurita[4]. In May 3018 Florimel Kurita secretly named Constance as her successor to the post of Keeper[2], and when Florimel retired Constance was made Keeper of the Family Honor and this was confirmed by Takashi Kurita.[4]

She was in touch with the Abbot of the Order of the Five Pillars.[4]

Constance Kurita was a supporter of Theodore Kurita in his dispute with Takashi Kurita.[4]


Preceded by
Florimel Kurita
Keeper of the Family Honor

Succeeded by


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