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Conventional Fighter

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Conventional fighter


Conventional fighters are traditional aerodyne combat aircraft designed to only operate within an atmosphere, weighing anywhere from 10 to 50 tons.[1] Though weak compared to aerospace fighters and unable to fly in the vacuum of space, conventional fighters are considerably cheaper to build and require a much lower base technology level to manufacture. This means that most worlds, especially backwater planets, field at least a small conventional fighter force.

Conventional fighters typically use jet turbines as a means of propulsion, although some do utilize fusion engines, and may also be designed for very short takeoff and landing (VSTOL). Though smaller and cheaper than ASFs, they use much of the same technology, such as myomer strands to control flight surfaces and Ferro-Aluminum for armoring. Their flight controls are also similar, using traditional stick and touchpad screens in conjunction with helmet-based HUD displays. Conventional fighters also have the slight advantage, due to their more specialized design, of being able to turn tighter and fly longer in an atmosphere compared to ASF designs.[2]


Conventional fighters are manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
Boomerang Belladonna Cal-Boeing of Dorwinion
Guardian St. Ives Mujika Aerospace Technologies
Planetlifter Marik Imstar Aerospace
Angel Lopez Andurien AeroTech
Boeing Jump Bomber Galax Federated-Boeing Interstellar
Defender Amity Imstar Aerospace
Meteor Panpour Jalastar Aerospace
MSF-42 Bluehawk Dunianshire Majesty Metals and Manufacturing
ASF-23 Protector Ramora United Outworlders Corporation

Known Designs[edit]

Name Year Weight
Angel 2643 10
ASF-23 Protector 3019 50
MSF-42 Bluehawk 3019 50
Boeing Jump Bomber 3037 20
Boomerang 2888 5
Defender 2701 25
Guardian 2831 20
Hurricane 2297 25
Katya 3064 30
MechBuster 3023 50
Meteor 2665 45
Mosquito Light Fighter 2303 20
Planetlifter Air Transport 2761 50
Raubvogel Aerobomber 3064 45
Vendetta Medium Fighter 2328 60


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