Convergence at Khon Kaen

Convergence at Khon Kaen
Product information
Type Short story
Author Kevin Killiany
Pages 41
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 28 December 2007
Era Jihad era
Timeline 16 January—12 February 3068
Series Chaos Irregulars stories
Preceded by Endgame at Engadine
Followed by Crucible at Campoleone

Convergence at Khon Kaen is a story by Kevin Killiany that was published online on BattleCorps on 28 December 2007 as the ninth parts (and seventh story) of the Chaos Irregulars series.

Teaser Text[edit]

That's right back again, with the fires of the Jihad lapping at their heels, the Chaos Irregulars have a simple mission, stop the pirate raiders. But when has it ever been simple for the Irregulars?

Plot summary[edit]

The Chaos Irregulars have been contracted to investigate claims that Gray's Ghosts were preparing to raid Khon Kaen.

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