Corian Tchernovkov

Corian Tchernovkov
AffiliationClan Coyote

Corian Tchernovkov was a Khan of Clan Coyote who rose to the station of ilKhan of the Clans near the end of the Golden Century. She would be secretly murdered by her successor as ilKhan, Tobias Khatib.[2]


Little has come to light about the life of Corian Tchernovkov prior to her ascension to Khan of Clan Coyote. Like other ilKhans since the death of Jerome Winson, she was elected to a vacated office to fill the role of arbiter of disputes among the increasingly fractious Clans. She was likely viewed as an impartial figure, though no doubt, one skilled enough in the arts of Clan warfare to hold the office of ilKhan of the Clans.[1]

Reign of The Fifth ilKhan[edit]

Elected to the office of ilKhan in 2920, Corian Tchernovkov was tasked with mediating the growing disputes between the Clans - who in turn were outgrowing the need for such measures, even as they increasingly fought amongst themselves. The most notable of these disputes arose between Clan Ghost Bear and Clan Hell's Horses on the world of Tokasha in the Kerensky Cluster. In 2921, the Ghost Bears would lose one of their most beloved Khans, Kilbourne Jorgensson, during an assault on the Horse industrial enclave. This most heated of feuds would flare up throughout her reign and beyond.[1][3][4][5]


The few other facts related to the reign of ilKhan Tchernovkov revolve mostly around her death. Disguised as a training accident, a not uncommon occurrence in the Clans officer ranks, it would go uncovered for 12 years into the reign of her successor, ilKhan Tobias Khatib. In 2947, Clan Snow Raven's Khans brought before the Grand Council proof of Khatib's active involvement in Tchernovkov's death, which would lead to his trial and execution for Treason against the Grand Council.[1][6][7]

Officially - as far as the Grand Council was concerned - the case ended with Khatib's death. But in the reality of the Clans, it had only just begun. Clan Coyote, led by a furious Khan Judas Levien, would prosecute a campaign of vengeance against the Cloud Cobras for the next 20 months, exhausting his Clan's touman and costing them more than they would gain. The hostilities would slow down, but the bad feelings engendered by this incident would remain between the two Clans for a long time to come.[6]


For good or ill, the historical legacy of ilKhan Corian Tchernovkov is tied in some ways to the fate of her murderer, Tobias Khatib. Not until his crime was uncovered did her death have its true effect, though not in any positive way. Her Coyote Clan would wear itself out militarily and strategically by pursuing a protracted campaign to avenge her death, though the Cloud Cobras would also suffer mightily for the crimes of their former Khan.[6]

After her assassination was uncovered, few among the Clans likely held much trust for individuals who sought out the office of ilKhan. With the passing of Khatib, the Clans would move to manage their own affairs without oversight from outside of their own Clan Councils. The office of ilKhan would remain vacated until the time of Leo Showers and Operation REVIVAL, over a century later.[4]


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