Corone-class WarShip TROGC.png
Production information
Manufacturer Clan Snow Raven[1]
Introduced 2915[1][2]
Production Year 2915[3]
Use Light raider[1]
Tech Base Clan[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 290,000 tons[1]
Length 670 m[1]
Sail Diameter 1,000 m[1]
Fuel 4,000 tons[1]
Burn Rate 39.52[1]
Safe Thrust 1.5g[1]
Top Thrust 2.5g[1]
Sail Integrity 4[1]
KF Drive Integrity 8[1]
LF Battery Yes[1]
Armor 272 tons of Lamellor ferro-carbide armor
DropShip Capacity 4[1]
Crew 320[1]
  • 25 officers
  • 98 enlisted/non-rated
  • 42 gunners
  • 130 bay personnel
  • 25 BA Marines
Grav Decks 2 x 75 meter[1]
Escape Pods/Life Boats 30/15[1]
Heat Sinks 368 double[1]
Structural Integrity 47[1]
BV (2.0) 37,075[1]


The Corone-class destroyer was manufactured at the Clan Snow Raven shipyards in the Lum system during the Golden Century. It demonstrated the direction that Clan naval warfare would take for the next century or more. The Corone was designed to work independently as a light raider, conducting the Trial-based warfare that had become the Clan norm.[1]

The design of the Corone represented a distinct break from the Star League Defense Force concept of operations for a destroyer, which had seen such ships operating in squadrons; as a consequence, each Corone was intended to carry the DropShip and aerospace fighter contingent more commonly seen on SLDF cruisers twice the weight of the Corone. A Corone could successfully launch deep penetration raids into the territory of other Clans, operating alone and striking hard. The presence of an onboard HPG also meant that the Corone could act as a support and communications ship for a larger naval formation if the Ravens had the need to deploy more than a single WarShip.[1]

Production of the Corone was limited to just six ships in the class, due to the combination of the significant quantities of former SLDF WarShips available for refurbishment and reuse, and the amount of resources needed to build each ship. Despite their low numbers, the Corone quickly proved their worth, winning multiple Trials. Their success also proved to be their ultimate downfall; other Clans saw how successful the Corone was, and began to emulate them. The first example of this was the York-class destroyer refit, which produced a ship that was faster, more heavily armed, and carried more fighters. Fifteen years after the first York left its slips, the Fredasa-class corvette made its debut, and was faster, easier to maintain and carried the same number of fighters. In 2946 the Ravens mothballed the two surviving Corones, but would later use the design as the basis for the Nightlord-class battleship.[1]


The Corone mounted a substantial quantity of capital weapons. Each arc mounted an NAC/10 supplied with 20 rounds of ammunition, while the broadside arcs mounted two. An NL35 was mounted in the nose and directly aft, while a larger NL45 was mounted in each of the left and right arcs fore and aft. The broadside arcs as well as the nose and aft also mounted a single light NPPC. To supplement these weapons, every arc mounted a pair of ER large lasers, while left and right fore and aft arcs also mounted a pair of ER PPCs. In common with other Clan WarShips, each Corone mounted an HPG.[1]


  • Bay 1: fighters (20) - 2 doors[1]
  • Bay 2: BattleMechs (45) - 3 doors[1]
  • Bay 3: cargo (35,810 tons) - 1 door[1]

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