Corinne Marik

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At age of 53 in 3076
Corinne Marik
Character Profile
Born 3023[1]
Affiliation House Marik-Stewart
Rank Captain-General
Parents Paul Marik (father)[2]
Spouse Dominic[3]
Children Giselle Marik[3]

Corinne Marik was a House Marik noblewoman, MechWarrior, military commander, and politician. She was the daughter of Paul Marik.[2] During the Jihad, Corinne became Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. When that nation was sundered, she continued to lead the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth.


Military Career[edit]

Corinne attended the Allison MechWarrior Institute and graduated in 3045[4] Upon graduation, Corinne entered service as a captain in the Second Free Worlds Legionnaires and was put in command of a company of BattleMechs. The Legionnaires were transferred to Sadurni in 3047 and Corinne grew to love the planet and its inhabitants.[5] Corinne remained in the 2nd Legionnaires and achieved the ranks of Force Commander and was named executive officer of the Legionnaires by 3058.[6]

In the later years of the 3060s she was promoted to the rank of colonel and was given command the 2nd Legionnaires 'Mech regiment.[7] Though Corinne had long been loyal to Captain-General Thomas Marik, she lent a small amount of support to her cousin Alys Rousset-Marik in Alys's attempt to repeal Resolution 288. Because of that, in 3067, her relationship with her father was shaky, and she was seen arguing with him in public during a Halloween Masque on Atreus.[8]

Coup, Captain-Generalcy, and the Jihad[edit]

Things began to change for Corinne in October 3068. The Word of Blake announced that the man sitting of the throne of the Free Worlds League was not, in fact, Thomas Marik, but an impostor planted by ComStar.[9] With this revelation, Corinne leaned on her father and gave him her support.[1]

In August 3069 Paul Marik, using his position as League Minister of Intelligence and his hidden Word of Blake connections, mounted a coup against the fake Thomas Marik. Using Blakist resources he attacked the palace in an attempt to capture Thomas and his family. Paul was acting on the orders of his true brother, whom he referred to as "The Master". Corinne had learned what was to happen and intercepted the kidnapping forces, killing them.[10] She convinced Thomas to flee with his family to safety off-world and made the arrangements for transportation. Upon arriving at transport a firefight broke out. Though the defending Blakist and Marik forces were killed or driven away, Thomas' two sons were killed and his wife Sherryl was severely injured. Corinne convinced Thomas to flee with his daughter Jessica, swearing to obtain medical aid for Sherryl and to protect her until they could be reunited.[10]

With Thomas gone and Sherryl taken care of, Corrine succumbed to the pressure from her father and accepted the Captain-Generalcy. She was sworn in as the fifty-first Captain-General on 10 August 3069, though Kirc Cameron-Jones of Regulus also claimed the title.[11][12] Though she was placed there through the machinations of her father and Word of Blake, she did not support their agenda.[1][10] Corinne transferred the 2nd Legionnaires to Atreus, where her former unit became her honor guard in addition to its garrison duties.[13]

In February 3071, Parliament on Atreus reduced tariffs for world governments that remained loyal to Corinne. On the other hand, the government-in-exile Parliament on Oriente under "Thomas Marik" raised tariffs at the same time, causing confusion among the world governments, resulting in many paying no tariffs at all due to the conflicting messages. This served to highlight the divide between the regions of the League.[14] That divide was widened in November of the same year, when Therese Marik declared the Duchy of Tamarind independent of the League following the Blakist assassination of her husband, Marshal Jeremy Brett.[15]

On 9 October 3073, Corinne attempted to bring the Principality of Regulus to heel by ordering them to obey the dictates of Atreus.[16] On 9 September 3076, Regulan forces executed a commando raid on the SelaSys Shipyards in the Loyalty system. The following day, Corinne issued a statement decrying the attack and again ordered Regulus to submit to Atreus.[17][1] By 3076, it was evident that many distinct power blocs had developed in the Free Worlds League, and, while Corinne did command many core system near Atreus and Marik, the League provinces had gone their own way.[18]

By late 3077, it became clear that Word of Blake was losing their Jihad. Corinne, never a Blakist supporter, wanted to be rid of them, so she met with a representative from Alys's resistance.[19] Less than a month later, Alys led the Free Worlds League resistance to Atreus and Corinne struck at the Blakists.[20] The fierce battle that ensued used nuclear weapons, but resulted in the Blakists being ousted from the League capital. Friction developed between the two formerly close cousins, however. As part of the agreement between them, Corinne was to turn over her father to be tried for war crimes and resign as Captain-General. Instead, Corinne did not turn Paul over and refused to resign unless Alys took over as Captain-General, refusing to accept Parliament as arbiter. Alys left Atreus, while a spokesperson for Corinne claimed that she would not accept having terms dictated to her.[21]

Still Captain-General[edit]

The Free Worlds League was sundered for good in 3078.[22] The Marik-Stewart Commonwealth emerged out of the League's ashes and tried to attract Alys Rousset-Marik as its leader. She refused after seeing the infighting present in the realm and took the worlds under her control with her to the Republic of the Sphere. Without Alys as a choice, Corinne Marik became the Captain-General in 3082.[23] Corinne had evidently agreed with Alys at some point that the former Free Worlds League planets incorporated into the Word of Blake Protectorate would be allowed to choose who would govern them in the future, but Corinne was evidently unwilling or unable to enforce that agreement, at least initially. In defiance of whatever had been agreed the Home Guard were still in place on Stewart and the Gryphons on Kalidasa in August 3079. Alys contacted Corinne on the 10th of August 3079 and indicated in relatively blunt terms that the occupation of both worlds by the two regiments wouldn't be tolerated, even though Alys and her resistance forces had fought alongside the Home Guard and the Home Guard continued to regard Stewart as their homeworld. Declaring that the Free Worlds League had forfeited the right to govern the worlds since allowing them to be occupied by the Blakists and that their fate shouldn't be dictated by whichever local force had the largest army, Alys served Corinne with an ultimatum to remove both regiments.[24]

You agreed to this before; now I am holding you to that agreement. With force, if I must. Know that this will haunt me and my soldiers to the end of our days, but also know that I believe that this is the right thing to do. And trust me: I will win.
  — Duchess Alys Rousset-Marik to Captain-General Corinne Marik, 10 August 3079.[24]

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

Corinne was not initially interested in politics and had, in fact, avoided all of House Marik's political machinations and legacies. Her personality was the exact opposite of her father's bookish nature. She took steps to distance herself from the political infighting and refused to be named second in line for the Free Worlds League throne.[25] Though Corinne was known to be pro-Thomas, following the betrothal of Isis Marik to Sun-Tzu Liao, Corinne was a popular successor among Leaguers who could not stand to see a Liao Captain-General. When the betrothal was called off, Corinne became less popular as a successor, especially since Thomas had other heirs by that point. Most political attention left Corinne in favor of her cousin Alys Rousset-Marik when she dropped out of the spotlight after giving birth to her daughter Giselle.[6][26][7]

In regards to her military record, she was noted for her easygoing and relaxed attitude, winning her the support of the men under her command. Corinne was never seen to exercise power beyond that of her earned rank, nor did she ever abuse her familial connections in pursuit of her personal and professional ambitions.[citation needed]


  • Corinne's name is frequently spelled as "Corrine" in some sources.

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