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System Information
X:Y Coordinates [e]
Planets 3+[1]


The Remis system is implied to be a Federated Suns system on the Draconis Combine border. It has at least one inhabited planet, Remis III, which was referred to as Coursadin[1][2] or Courasin.[3] Given that an attack force against Remis III was sent from Thestria,[3] Remis is presumably relatively close to that system.

Since an official ruling says that all known systems are now mapped,[citation needed] Remis must be on existing maps under another name; this would presumably be the name of its primary settled world as that name is often given on starmaps instead of the actual sun or system name.[4]

Remis III (Coursadin)[edit]

Remis III (Coursadin)
System position 3[1]
Surface water yes
Founding 3024

Coursadin (Remis III) was the site of a battle between forces from Wolf's Dragoons, namely the Black Widow Company, versus Federated Suns forces including the Third Guards (presumably the Third Davion Guards) and Lindon's Company. A Black Widow Company attack against an ammo dump had been repulsed, and headhunter forces gunning for Natasha Kerensky specifically engaged her in the Battle for Coursadin, a hard-fought engagement that went for at least a week.[1] Up to this time Lindon's Company was under the command of Owen Lindon,[5] but shortly afterwards as of 3025 it was under the command of "acting captain" Sarah Lindon,[6] suggesting Owen Lindon may have been killed or incapacitated in this battle.

The battle seems to have taken place in early November 3024, where a detachment of Epsilon Regiment (Wolf's Dragoons) was wrapping up operations on "Courasin"[3] (implicitly meant to be the same battle elsewhere noted to have taken place on or at "Coursadin (Remis III)"[1][2]) and returning to their base on Thestria. Shortly afterwards, Warlord Grieg Samsonov delivered a scathing report of Epsilon Regiment's performance to Jaime Wolf and demanded command of the individual Dragoons regiments be given directly to himself, which would be the origin for their later animosity.


  • The specific name for Remis III, i.e. the third planet of the Remis system, appears to be Coursadin. In Tales of the Black Widow Company, the scenario mentions an "isolated valley" to which the Black Widow's lance appears to have retreated to effect repairs, from the larger Battle of Coursadin. The the page title indicates the battle takes place at "Coursadin (Remis III)". This seems to indicate the local name for the third planet in the Remis system. The Wolf's Dragoons sourcebook also lists Coursadin alongside three other planets, all but confirming it as the name of a planet.
    In the novel Wolves on the Border, "Courasin" is twice mentioned as the location for the Wolf's Dragoons' operations, suggesting-by the use of "on Courasin"-a planet. Context strongly suggests Courasin to be identical to, or perhaps a place (e.g. continent) on, Coursadin. Alternatively, it may simply be a spelling mistake on behalf of the author, Robert N. Charrette.


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