Coventry Raid

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With the high influx of machinery and other heavy industrial materials being shipped in to accommodate the new Mech facility, a large Draconis Elite Strike Team was easily able to disguise themselves as part of the many cargo-handling crews and maintenance workers. All were able to regroup in Lietnerton City, in preparation for the raid. Small groups surrounded the factory for several days, noting security patrols, shift changes, etc. When they were sure of the factory's daily routines, the DC commandoes made their moves, avoiding patrols were possible and silently dealing with those they couldn't get by. Computers were hacked into, with all pertinent information related to the new BattleMech technology copied. The DEST then made their escape back into Lietnerton City, where they stayed for several more days observing response times and actions of factory security, after they discovered those the DEST members had to physically deal with. Eventually, one by one, each team member made his or her way off planet via cargo haulers or other civilian transportation and back to the safety of the Draconis Combine.