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Cox Devalis

Cox Devalis
Affiliation Spirit Cats
Rank Star Captain
Profession MechWarrior

Cox Devalis was a trueborn warrior of the Spirit Cats during the 32nd Century.[1]


Cox Devalis had initially refused to accept his Bloodname upon winning it because in the final match of the Bloodright competition he accidentally killed his competitor, a sibkin and good friend.[1]

Cox held the rank of Star Captain in 3134, and led a trinary of warriors to the planet of Wyatt in search of sanctuary for the Spirit Cats. While there, Cox personally dueled Republic Knight Alexi Holt, using unorthodox (for a Clansman) tactics to outrun and whittle the Knight down. Star Captain Cox was forced to eventually engage Republic forces in battle, before teaming up with the militia once it had been revealed that a force of Bannson's Raiders had been responsible for sparking the conflict.[1]

After his return to Marcus, he met with Galaxy Commander Kev Rosse to inform of the result of his mission.[2]

Upon his return from Wyatt, however, Galaxy Commander Kev Rosse encouraged Cox to accept the Bloodname, citing his performance on Wyatt as his redemption.[1]



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