A Crèche is a collection of young Clan trueborn children and represents their first stage of life after having gestated in an Iron Womb. Bred from birth to be warriors, the intense training regimen they undergo during their time in a crèche produces strong individuals with unsurpassed combat skills, at least for those who don't wash out. It also helps to drum the individuality out of them, although a few children may rise above the pack (and fewer still who excel outside their assigned fields). A Clan warrior's time in the crèche ends around age 10, when they are transferred to a sibko.[1]

Community-based crèches are also utilized for the raising of civilian children in the Clans, freeing their parents from the need to look after them. One notable exception is Clan Ghost Bear, where the concept of family most closely approximates that found within the Inner Sphere. Here crèches resemble more like their traditional namesake and Ghost Bear parents take pride in raising their children as part of a family.[2]


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