Craig A. Reed, Jr.

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Craig A. Reed
Occupation Writer
BattleTech forum handle trboturtle
Homepage The BattleTech State (blog)

Craig A. Reed is a freelance writer for BattleTech.

His first BattleTech publications were joint contributions to BattleTechnology magazine together with his friend Robert Madson, including the SuburbanMech and Rattlesnake BattleMech designs and accompanying fiction published in the early 1990s.

Reed would return to BattleTech fiction more than two decades later, by submitting a story–The Lance Killer–to the BattleCorps editor. According to Reed, over some two-and-a-half years several manila envelopes with the manuscript submission apparently got lost in the mail and it was not until BattleCorps accepted submissions via email that the story would finally be received, approved, and then published in 2009.[1] Additional BattleCorps stories followed in quick succession, establishing Reed as one of the go-to writers for Catalyst Game Labs. Beyond short stories, he has since contributed to numerous BattleTech sourcebooks and other projects.



  1. According to his Blog entry about "The Lance Killer"