Craig Ward

Craig Ward
Character Profile
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Rank Star Captain
Profession MechWarrior

Craig Ward was a warrior of Clan Wolf who rose to the rank of Star Captain during Operation REVIVAL.[1]


Noted for being a highly skilled warrior, Craig Ward's abilities were overshadowed by his adherence to profound Warden beliefs.[2]

Debacle on Glory Plain[edit]

As part of the 16th Battle Cluster under the command of Star Colonel Mikel Furey, Craig Ward took part in an attempted raid against Clan Jade Falcon on the world of Glory during the years prior to Operation Revival. Aimed at securing the genetic legacy of Kael Pershaw for Clan Wolf, this raid would ultimately fail, though not necessarily due to any lack of effort on the part of warriors of the 16th Battle. Then-Star Commander Craig Ward fired the shots that downed Aidan Pryde's Summoner, but the toppling 'Mech would fall onto the Wolves' command center, derailing the battle plans of Star Captain Dwillt Radick. The angry Wolf commander blamed Ward for the plan's failure, though ultimately this finger pointing came to naught.[3]

Operation REVIVAL and Beyond[edit]

During the invasion of the Inner Sphere, Star Captain Ward would see action with the 16th Battle Cluster on The Edge, Rodigo, Feltre, Mozirje, and Ferleiten, while taking part in larger attacks with Gamma Galaxy on Maestu and Skandia. He would survive Tukayyid unscathed, though reports indicate that the 16th was held in reserve by the Clan Wolf Khans.[4][5]

Dwillt Radick - Ward's commanding officer for many years - harbored a grudge against his subordinate that had smoldered for many years. Clashing mostly due to the sharp differences in their political beliefs, Craig Ward would often seek to transfer out of Gamma Galaxy, seeking a post in Epsilon Galaxy, away from the front line fighting. Over the years, Star Captain Ward has faced many challenges from other members of the Cluster - sometimes from his own subordinates - over his pacifistic views. Due to the fact that Ward has left several of his challengers dead over the years, Star Colonel Radick would go so far as to place a ban on any more challenges to Craig Ward. Instead, many have observed that the Star Colonel was apparently attempting to kill Star Captain Ward through several assignments that they would have thought impossible to accomplish.[1][2]

Refusal War[edit]

Craig Ward was assigned to the 16th Battle Cluster that formed the core of Clan Wolf-in-Exile touman.[6]


Craig Ward has piloted an Ice Ferret throughout his career.[5][7]


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