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Crazy Jane Maneuver

The Crazy Jane maneuver began with the use of the advanced navigational array, with which a Warship/Jumpship crew could calculate an intra-system jump that covered a fraction of a light year and that would bring the ship into a point just a few kilometers away from a target. The ship's Captain would then use the brief window of time available while the crews of nearby vessels attempted to react to the sudden appearace of the ship to close to within just a few hundred meters of the target, gambling that the knowledge that attempting to jump would be almost certain suicide would prevent the civilian crew from attempting to jump out of the system and instead force them to capitulate. The maneuver was inherently risky; if the crew of a target vessel panicked and attempted to jump anyway, the ship would most likely have been damaged or destroyed.

The first ship to try this manouver was the Aegis-class heavy cruiser Sparks under Captain Jane Hargreaves command.[1][2]


This maneuver seems in a way linked to the URSS submarine tactic known as Crazy Ivan


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