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Crimson Crusaders

Crimson Crusaders
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command N/A

Born of Clan Jade Falcon's invasion of the Tamar Pact world of Dompaire, the Crimson Crusaders were formed to ultimately defeat the invaders and liberate that world.


After the Baron von Dompaire and his only son and heir were killed during the Jade Falcon's 305th assault Cluster invasion of Dompaire in August 3050,[1] his multimillion C-bill estate passed to Brent Matis, a distant relative and MechWarrior in the Eighth Lyran Regulars. Rather than retire to a life of luxury, Matis instead chose to use his newfound wealth to fund the creation of a mercenary unit to ultimately liberate Dompaire.

Matis himself was able to quickly attract many experienced troops to the Crusaders thanks to his offer of new BattleMechs and Combat Vehicles to Dispossessed veterans and the promise of landholds after the liberation of Dompaire. As of 3059 the unit was uncontracted on Outreach.[2]

In 3062, the unit raided Dompaire without order of the LAAF and rescue a member of the former ruling family. The First Falcon Jaegers were the defending force and make the life for the mercs difficult.

During the FedCom civil war the unit relocated to Outreach to rebuild and rest. After a number of short-term contracts, the unit signed again another contract with the Alliance, where they were held in reserve to counter FWL incursions. At the outbreak of the Jihad, the Crusaders were on Marfik, garrisoning that world against possible Free Worlds League counterstrikes during the Skye-Bolan offensive into the League.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Crimson Crusaders
Major Brent Matis 3050 – at least 3062[2][3]

During Major Matis's time as CO, his XO was Juell Nahibra.[2]


The Crusaders prefer leverage their advanced weapons to attack the enemy at long ranges, against the Clans they attempt to use special terrain and movement tactics to avoid falling prey to the same tactics at the hands of the Clans superior weaponry. Their focus on longer ranges is unfortunately at the cost of their close-quarter combat ability.[2]

Artillery supports the mobile 'Mechs when they engage the enemy.

After the raid on Dompaire, the unit reorganized itself. First company consists of heavy and medium 'Mechs that are fast and equipped for both long range and close combat. The Second and Third Companies consist of fast, heavy armor, long range artillery, and battle armor infantry units.[3]

Dragoons Rating[edit]





Composition History[edit]


Crimson Crusaders (Company/Regular/Reliable)[2]

Armored Crusaders (2 Lances/Veteran/Reliable)[2]

  • Armor Commander: Captain Josh St. Andrews

The Bloody Feet (Company/Regular/Reliable)[2]

  • Infantry Commander: Captain Talia Reskovichia
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Outreach.[4]


Crimson Crusaders (Company/Veteran/Reliable)

  • CO/First Lance: Major Brent Matis
  • Second Lance: Lieutenant Troy Montgomery
  • XO/Third Lance: Captain Juell Nahibra

The Bloody Feet (2 Companies/Veteran/Reliable)

  • Infantry Commander: Captain Talia Reskovichia

- The unit suffer heavy losses through fighting the Jade Falcons. As a consequence they field now 2 companies of battle suits for better protection.


  • First Company[5]
The 'Mech element includes fast medium and heavies.
  • Second and Third Companies
The other two companies contains artillery, tanks and battle armor infantry.


  • The unit's crest is the flag of Dompaire, a pair of crossed golden cutlasses and a gold key over a black triangle. The Crusaders paint their machines a deep crimson with gold trim.[2]
  • Thanks to Matis' wealth, the unit's 'Mechs are primarily brand new post-3050 designs supported by small volume of heavily upgraded pre-3050 models. The unit's vehicle company consists of older designs refitted with advanced weaponry.[2]
  • Recognizing from the start if the Crusaders were to defeat the Falcons that they would need topflight technical staff, Matis assembled a team skilled with advanced Star League technology and large enough to meet 90% of the unit's required maintenance needs. He also generously spread money to acquire a DropShip and JumpShip for the unit, succeeding in securing an Overlord-class in 3059, modifying it to carry the entire unit comfortably.[2]
  • The unit is similar but different to the Crimson Crusaders used as a "unit creation example" for the Mercenary's Handbook 3055. That version was built around the Crusader 'Mech much as Miller's Marauders focused on the Marauder.


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