Crimson Streak

Crimson Streak.png
Crimson Streak Hover Racer
Production information
Manufacturer Champion Hoversports[1][2]
Production Year 3065[3]
Use Civilian Racing
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1][2]
Chassis Type (Size) Hover (Small)[1][2]
Equipment Rating E/X-X-D[1][2]
Introduced 3065
Technical specifications
Mass 3,500 kg[1][2]
Cruise Speed 183 km/h[1][2]
Flank Speed 281 km/h[1][2]
Power Plant fuel cell (electric)[1][2]
Fuel (Type/Range) 1,302 km[1][2]
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
Armament None[1][2]
Heat Sinks None[1][2]
Armor Commercial Armor[1][2]
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 8[1][2]
Crew 1 enlisted/non-rated[2]


The Crimson Streak is a specialized Civil War Era Civilian Vehicle intended to compete on race tracks across the Inner Sphere. The origin of the vehicle can be traced to Champion Hoversports, a race car team-turned-special manufacturer. The Crimson Streak was the result of decades of success racing with their own customized vehicles in the Hovercar racing circuits. The company started producing its own vehicles in 3042, where they would push ahead to create a mass-produced hovercar racer. The Crimson Racer would be the outcome of their success story.[1][2]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

Built on an ultralight Chassis, the Crimson Streak is designed as a fast vehicle, while being able to handle punishment if there should be an accident on the track. The vehicle is powered by an electric fuel cell, which propels the vehicle upwards to 260 km/h. The single man vehicle protects its pilot with 315 kg of BAR 8 civilian armor and tiny 62 kg worth of cargo space.[1][2]

Related Vehicles[edit]


As of this writing, the Crimson Streak has no record sheet nor battle value assigned to it.


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