Crossbow (Bow)

This article is about the regular weapon. For the heavy crossbow and other uses, see Heavy Crossbow and Crossbow (disambiguation).


The Crossbow is a modern version on an ancient weapon, commonly used by sportsmen and a few special-operations groups. While less popular than compound bows, it has the added benefit of increased armor penetration.[1] Using a winding or cocking device to set it, the crossbow fires shorter, heavier arrows called quarrels and is easier to gain proficiency at since it can be aimed much like a rifle.[2]



  • Item: Crossbow, Basic[3]
  • Equipment Rating: A/A-A-A/A
  • Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 3B/2
  • Range: 5/16/30/70 meters
  • Shots: 1
  • Cost/Reload: 10/1
  • Affiliation: -
  • Mass/Reload: 2kg/50g
  • Notes: Simple Action to Reload


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