Vessel Profile
Previous names Tsume
Type JumpShip
Class Invader

The Cucamulus (Cu for short), named after the hound of the Irish war god,[1] was an Invader-class JumpShip[2] operated by the Kell Hounds. It was previously the Draconis Combine's Tsume.[3] As of 3027 the vessel was noted to be over 300 years old already, but in good shape; it never had any reported malfunction while in Draconis Combine service.[4]

The Tsume was originally a JumpShip with the Ninth Sun Zhang Academy Cadre when they staged a raid against Mara in 3013 as essentially a training exercise. Over the course of the fighting the defending Kell Hounds' DropShip Lugh moved out to the JumpShip at the zenith jump point under the pretense of mutiny and indicated they wanted to surrender. However, upon docking with the JumpShip the Lugh released anesthetic gas into the Tsume where the Sun Zhang cadet crew had gathered to accept their surrender. The Tsume was captured and, now under the command of Janos Vandermeer, was renamed Cucamulus. He remained in command through 3029.[5]

During the Silver Eagle Incident in 3027 the Cucamulus carried the Kell Hounds DropShips Lugh, Nuada Argetlan and Manannan MacLir to Styk.


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