Cuchulainn Support Armor
Production information
Manufacturer Arc-Royal MechWorks[1]
WC Site 2[1]
Production Year 3134[2]
Use Battle Armor Support[1]
Chassis Type Humanoid[1]
Weight Class Heavy[1]
Tech Base Clan[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 1,500[1] kg
Top Speed 22[1] km/h

1x ER Medium Pulse Laser[1]

Armor Type Improved Stealth[1]
BV (2.0) 119[1]


Cuchulainn Support Armor was named for a hero from Irish mythology and was the product of a joint program between Clan Wolf-in-Exile and the Kell Hounds. Manufactured on Arc-Royal from Arc-Royal MechWorks and WC Site 2, Cuchulainn suits entered service prior to the Blackout and fought in a number of combat operations soon after.[1]

Limited to moving at just over 10 km/h while carrying its Detachable Weapon Pack, Cuchulainn suits were designed to provide direct firepower support to other battle armor units, engaging enemy units at long range while lighter suits swarmed units that attempted to get close to the Cuchulainns. Almost half a ton of improved stealth armor helped protect the Cuchulainns while they engaged the enemy at range, but while the Cuchulainn mounted a Basic Manipulator on each arm and could ride on mechanized transport it was incapable of making swarm or leg attacks.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The only ranged weapon system on a Cuchulainn suit was the ER Medium Pulse Laser mounted on the left arm in a detachable weapon pack, along with eleven rounds of ammunition. Once the ER Medium Pulse Laser had been detached the Cuchulainn's speed doubled.[1]

Design Quirks[edit]

Cuchulainns were not subject to any Design Quirks.[1]


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