Curse of Eden

The Curse of Eden was a virus native to Eden in the Pentagon Worlds from the time it was initially colonized by the Star League-in-Exile.[1] [2]


The curse was a virulent brain fever that killed seventy-five percent of those infected.[1] Even those who survived often suffered considerable brain damage.[2]


The first outbreak of the curse occurred in 2790, when the curse infected many early colonists.[1] The curse continued to be a problem on Eden for many years, particularly in certain "plague zones" such as Abaddon Heights, until early Clan scientists developed an antigen prior to Operation Klondike in 2821. This antigen was used by the invading Clan Wolf as a bargaining chip for control over a number of settlements in the Abaddon Heights region during Klondike.[3]

Even by the Clan Invasion era the pathogen that causes the illness remains an active part of Eden's environment, with visitors to the world needing to be inoculated, or risk infection.[2]

Notable Sufferers[edit]

Notable sufferers of the Curse of Eden include:


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