Curtis Yakubu

Curtis Yakubu
Character Profile
Affiliation Himself
Profession Colonel
Spouse Carla Centrella (wife)
Children Celine Centrella
Gorraine Centrella

Curtis Yakubu was a twenty-seventh-century colonel of the Magistracy of Canopus.

Early Life[edit]

Colonel Curtis Yakubu was one of Carla Centrella's MechWarriors. Soon after his marriage to Magestrix Carla Centrella, in 2615 they were both in Terra, with Colonel Curtis Yakubu being a star player of the soccer match being played.[1]

But the marriage, foundered over his infidelities, fixation on the patriarchal traditions of his Ashanti heritage, and embezzlement did not work, and finally Carla exiled him to Terra as commander of the Canopian honor guards stationed there. The couple would never meet again.


Carla (and presumably Curtis) had at least two daughters: Celine and Gorraine.


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