Cutting Losses

Cutting Losses
Story information
Author Herbert A. Beas II
Pages 4
Type Short story
Product Interstellar Operations
Illustrations Jeff Porter
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 11-14 May 2811

Cutting Losses, by Herbert A. Beas II, is one of the short stories included in the Interstellar Operations rulebook (pp. 340-343).

Plot Summary[edit]

The Stealths, having been sent to Poulsbo for R&R, were caught up in an unexpected attack by Free Worlds League forces and have been fighting a delaying action for several weeks until, on 11 May 2811, friendly aerospace fighters are ready to push back the attackers.

Three days later, Captain-General Thaddeus Marik is decidedly unhappy to learn of the crushing defeat in the very first attack of the planned offensive to retake the Bolan Thumb region. Assuming (falsely) that his attacking regiment was caught in a trap and believing the entire offensive doomed, he decides to switch to a scorched earth strategy for the Bolan Thumb and orders Colonel Bryce McLelland to "adequately supply" his marshaling forces with tactical and strategic munitions...

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  • In what is something of an easter egg, Captain-General Marik muses about "Heraklieone", a tiny world in his realm that he thinks he had never even heard about until it was flagged as dead or dying.