Cynthia Fallon

Cynthia Fallon
Character Profile
Also known as "Cyndi"
Affiliation Federated Commonwealth
Sarna Supremacy
Rank Leftenant General
Profession MechWarrior

Leftenant General Cynthia "Cyndi" Fallon of the Federated Commonwealth was the commanding officer of the Kaifeng Sarna March Militia regiment as of 3054. She retained command of the unit and maintained its name even after the breakup of the Sarna March and the formation of the Sarna Supremacy, of which Kaifeng became a part.[1]

The Kaifeng SMM was vanquished in the field by Warrior House Hiritsu during the reconquest of Kaifeng by the Capellan Confederation in 3058, but not before Kaifeng SMM Major Karl Bartlett had committed war crimes hoping to blame them on the Capellans. Fallon survived the destruction of her Atlas in the final battle on 27 July 3058, and, confronted with proof of Bartlett's actions that would fall back on her and the Kaifeng SMM, surrendered to her House Liao captors.[2]


During the attack of Capellan Warrior House Hiritsu Fallon piloted an Atlas.[2]


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