Cynthia Hickock

Cynthia Hickock
Affiliation Hanseatic League

Character History[edit]

Cynthia Hickock was the commanding officer of the the Regional Defense Force 3 in the Hanseatic League by 3064, and her aide was Alfredo Garcia.[1]

She was a native of the Hanseatic League as she was born on Lübeck, but sheto follow a career as a mercenary. Hickock's experience fighting bandits in the Deep Periphery and her tours within Nueva Castile gave her enough money to ensure her rapid promotion within the HSF after her return to Lübeck, but also earned her the active dislike of a number of members of the Council of Merchants, who considered her an upstart.[2]

When she was made Captain-General of the Regional Defense Force 3, the unit's quality increased. Hickock's abilities were unquestionable and under her leadership the personnel of RDF 3 were consumate professionals, even though their equipment was in a rather dilapidated state.[2] The state of their equipment wasn't uncommon within the HSF - the best equipment available usually went to RDF 1 or the Convoy Protection Force - but the HSF technicians were well trained and the equipment was generally in good working order.[3]

When the the Council of Merchants appointed Captain-General Albert Snow to the position of head of the HSF (between 3064 and 3067), he went against the wishes of a number of members of the Council of Merchants by choosing Captain-General Cynthia Hickock of Regional Defense Force 3 as his deputy. Hickock's military skills were well-documented, but Hickock's experience had been gained as the result of a mercenary career, a career that also funded her rise through the ranks of the HSF, a stark contrast to those who funded their career through mercantile skills.[2]

In a testament to Hickock's experience and as a result of a Clan incursion into the spinward region guarded by RDF 2 Hickock had RDF 3 training harder.[4] from their home base on Gateway.[1]


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