Cynthiana Liao

Cynthiana Liao
Character Profile
Died 2187
Affiliation House Liao
Spouse Elias Liao
Children Rufus (or possibly Victor)
David Paul

Cynthiana Liao was the wife of Elias Liao.


Cynthiana had four children, two sons named Rufus (or possibly Victor) and David Paul, and two daughters, Carmen and Margarette.[1] Cynthiana and her two daughters were killed during the Liao family escape from Terra in 2187;[2][3] when Elias and his surviving followers colonized a new planet, Elias named the world Cynthiana in memory of his wife. Despite the name chosen by Elias and over the protests of David Paul and his son Victor, the population of Cynthiana voted to rename the world to Liao after Elias' death in 2202.[4]


Although the family tree in House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) shows Rufus and David Paul as the two sons of Elias Liao, and Victor as the son of David Paul and grandson of Elias,[1] Handbook: House Liao describes the renaming of the planet Cynthiana to Liao after Elias' death as being "opposed by his sons Victor and David Paul." It is not currently known which source is correct.[5] House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) is also not internally consistent, showing Rufus' as the eldest son of Elias in the family tree, but with David Paul naming his elder brother as Victor when recounting the escape from Terra.[2]


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