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Cynthy at age of 15
Also known as Cynthia Meijer
Born 3130
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parents Malvina Hazen (adoptive mother)

Cynthy (born 3130[1]) is the "pet" of Clan Jade Falcon Khan Malvina Hazen.


Cynthy was found in the ruins of a house in the city of Portmeirion, Skye, which was destroyed during a reprisal strike.[2] Cynthy was going to be taken to be indoctrinated into the Clan way of life, but Malvina took pity on her because Malvina believed her to be brave in the face of fear; so instead of being taken by the solahma infantry, Cynthy was instead taken away by Malvina.[3]

Since being picked up by the Falcons, Cynthy has been kept around Malvina who has kept her around like a pet, being treated more like an experiment rather than a human being. Video footage of Cynthy shows a teenage girl who acts and physically displays the characteristics of someone who deals with abuse and acute post-traumatic stress.[1]

Deposing the Chingis Khan[edit]

After Alaric left Mavina's apartment, Hazen would begin another rage-filled attack, either due to getting Alaric's attention or to vent her frustrations. Something in Cynthy finally snapped after the years of abuse had taken a toll on her. As a result she stabbed the Khan with a knife as she bled on the floor. The fear-riddled Cynthy would hold a blaster to the mad Khan as Stephanie Chistu walked in her apartment only to discover the carnage. Chistu would use this time to diffuse the situation by ensuring her that she would never be harmed again. Both would refuse to help Malvina Hazen, instead opting to watch her bleed out instead. After the conflict, Cynthy ran out of the room in fear of what happened. Alaric had questioned Stephanie about what transpired and both agreed that Malvina was beyond helping and would cover up her death. He would later instruct Spurlock and his Watch agents to find Cynthy and bring her to him unharmed. Although Cynthy's whereabouts remain currently unknown, her actions ended Malvina's brutal rule and (unknowingly) saved the Jade Falcons.[4]


Cynthy is believed to be Cynthia Meijer, the daughter of Francis and Gemma Meijer who were both members of the Skye Standing Guard and were killed when the Jade Falcons conquered the planet.[1]


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