DI Schmitt

DI Schmitt.jpg
DI Schmitt Tank
Production information
Manufacturer Defiance Industries
Production Year 3115[1]
Mission General Purpose Combat Tank
Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
Fire-Support Vehicle
Type Wheeled
Technical specifications
Mass 80 tons
Armor StarSlab/6 Ferro-Fibrous
Engine 220 DAV XL Fusion Engine
Speed 54 km/h
Crew 6
Communications System TharHes Muse 65-128K
Targeting Tracking System TharHes Mars 9.4
Heat Sinks 18
BV (1.0) 1,139[2]
BV (2.0) 1,457[3][4][5]


Manufactured by Defiance Industries as a wheeled assault tank, the DI Schmitt was known for its use during the early thirty-second century. The tank was named after the First Star League's Royal Black Watch Regiment's last commanding officer, Colonel Hanni Schmitt.[6] The Tank was noted for its highly automated TharHes Mars targeting system, giving it remarkable targeting abilities.

The vehicle would continue to show its worth after decades of service, with its performance at the 19th Battle of Hesperus II in early January 3145. The tanks belonging to the Lyrans' Hesperus Militia forces were able to utilize the tank's deadly & accurate firepower against invading Clan Jade Falcon forces.[7]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The majority of the DI Schmitt's weaponry is mounted in its turret, with the exception of two front-mounted Purity L-Series Flamers. For long-range combat, it includes a TharHes Reacher Fifteen-tube Long-Range Missile Launcher with one ton of ammunition. For intermediate ranges, it mounts a pair of Mydron Tornado Class 5 rotary autocannons with four tons of ammunition as well as four Diverse Optics Type 18 standard medium lasers. For anti-infantry fire support, in addition to its flamers, the Schmitt has pair of Scattergun Machine Guns with a half ton of ammunition.

The vehicle is powered by a 220-rated DAV extralight fusion engine, allowing to carry its weapons payload and 8.5 tons of Starslab/6 ferro-fibrous armor.[8]


  • Targeting Computer 
    Introduced at the same time as the Standard Variant, this version of the Schmitt is a minor modification to the vehicle's weaponry. The forward standard Flamers are swapped out for Vehicle Flamers with 20 rounds of fire for the weapon. The benefit of dropping flamers for the vehicle type allows for the installation of a Targeting Computer,which increases the Schmitt's deadliness with chemical, energy, and ballistic weaponry. BV2 (2.0)=1,625[9][10][11]

Design Quirks[edit]

The DI Schmitt has the following Design Quirks:


  • The DI Schmitt Tank was first created by WizKids' MechWarrior Dark Age Collectible Miniatures game as a part of its original lease of the game, the set was later called simply the Dark Age release. The vehicle was among few which were given then Classic BattleTech stats for use in the game, appearing in the Record Sheets: MechWarrior Dark Age I. It was later adapted by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined once the company advanced the franchise's timeline to 3145. Some of the information listed here was strictly from the dossier sheet produced for various characters profiles released with the MechWarrior game.

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