Dafyyd Rou

Dafyyd Rou
Character Profile
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Marian Hegemony
Profession Doctor

Character History[edit]

Doctor Dafyyd Rou was an employee on Irian during the Jihad, until he decided to flee both the Word of Blake and his employers. Rou arrived in the Marian Hegemony, where he found employment under Caesar Cassius O'Reilly; the Blakists had been upgrading the Marian Arms Incorporated plant on Horatius to produce battle armor until Cassius' father Julius broke off his arrangement with the Word. Cassius charged Rou with finishing the upgrade of the Marian Arms plant as well as designing and building a new battle armor suit for use by Hegemony forces and for sale across the Inner Sphere. To assist Rou in this, Cassius provided him with the best technicians available in the Hegemony and staggering amounts of funding, enough to potentially ruin the Hegemony.[1]

Cassius' faith in Rou turned out to be well-placed; by 3084 Rou had not only upgraded the Marian Arms factory, but has also debuted the new Ravager battlesuit. The Ravager quickly proved popular and generated much demand, and by 3085 it was bringing funding back in significant amounts to both Marian Arms and the Hegemony research and development areas.[1]

The multibarrel recoilless rifle on the Ravager led to speculation that Dr. Rou was trying to develop rotary-fire weapons, perhaps akin to the Rotary Autocannon, but this remains to be confirmed.[1]


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