Daikyu (Bow)

This article is about the infantry weapon. For the BattleMech, see Daikyu.


The Daikyu is a longbow of Japanese descent, being the traditional weapon of the ancient samurai. Designed to be fired from horseback, the Daikyu is nearly as large as the European Longbow, though with a shorter range. Its use is largely relegated to those warriors of the Draconis Combine who practice archery for sport, meditation, and the veneration of the samurai tradition.[1]



  • Item: Daikyu[2]
  • Equipment Rating: A/C-D-D/A
  • Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 2B/2
  • Range: 10/25/60/125 meters
  • Shots: 1
  • Cost/Reload: 30/2
  • Affiliation: DC
  • Mass/Reload: 1kg/70g
  • Notes: Simple Action to Reload


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