Dale Eadeh

Dale Eadeh
Occupation Digital Sculptor, Designer
BattleTech forum handle Wondergecko
Homepage www.hardwarestudios.co

Dale 'Wondergecko' Eadeh is a digital sculptor for Iron Wind Metals & Catalyst Game Labs and a Camo Specs Online painter.


Dale has been working with Catalyst and Iron Wind Metals since 2018, with his first IWM model being the Primitive Emperor. For Catalyst, he has sculpted the forthcoming plastic Shadow Cat, Grendel, Hellbringer, Summoner, and Orion, and sculpted and designed the plastic Panther and Wolfhound under art direction from Anthony Scroggins. In 2019 he became a member of the CamoSpecs Online team under the moniker 'Wondergecko', officially visualizing the Arano Royal Guard color scheme in the process. For the 2020-2021 Recognition Guides, sculpted the Dominator, and designed (and sculpted) the Sojourner, Ion Sparrow (Butcherbird), Hierofalcon, Jade Phoenix, Doom Courser, Alpha Wolf, Eris, Mackie, Grinner, and Cricket.

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