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Dale Sandstrom

Dale Sandstrom
Character Profile
Died 3033[citation needed]
Profession MechWarrior

Dale Sandstrom was a Free Worlds League MechWarrior who served in Free Worlds League Military before becoming a freelance bounty hunter.


Born into a MechWarrior family on Sophie's World, Dale Sandstrom would pilot the family's Archer until its destruction in the final decades of the Third Succession War. The Dispossessed Sandstrom would be relegated to the Fifth Regulan Hussars as an infantryman, like many in his situation desperately longing to capture an enemy BattleMech and regain his lost status. As luck would have it, during an extended leave on his homeworld Sandstrom would come across the fresh remains of an Assassin, spending his entire life savings to restore the 'Mech he'd call DarkDeath to combat ready status.[1] [2][3]

Though causing his family considerable dismay, to recoup his spent wealth Sandstrom left the Hussars and became a freelance bounty hunter, working for any of the Great Houses that could meet his fees for his "acquisitions". By 3025 Sandstrom and his DarkDeath had killed nearly 30 MechWarriors, sometimes in fair combat, other times not. [1] Sandstrom's record would come to an end with nearly 45 confirmed kills when he himself was killed in 3033. While the details of his ultimate demise are unknown, rumors persist that Sandstrom was killed when he ran afoul of an infamous Marauder painted in green and covered with credit symbols.[2]


Dale was known to have piloted an Archer and Assassin.[1][2]



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