Dalia Bekker

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Dalia Bekker in 3081
Dalia Bekker
Born 3081[1]
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Rank Khan
Profession MechWarrior

Dalia Bekker (trueborn 3081[1]) was Khan of Clan Ghost Bear during the Dark Age era.


Dalia was a trueborn decanted on Satalice. She was an unremarkable trainee who passed her Trial of Position with the minimum requirement of defeating one opponent. Though she was not a great warrior, she did excel in being able to motivate her comrades. This was handy for her when she was assigned to the 6th Bear Regulars of the Omicron Galaxy which was partaking in garrison duty.[1]

Shortly after joining her unit, the Second Combine-Dominion War broke out. Her unit found itself having to defend against attacks from the Clan Nova Cat, the Draconis Combine, and the Black Dragons in quick succession. Due to Dalia's leadership, the 6th was able to hold on long enough for reinforcements to arrive to push back the invading forces. When the war was over, she was sponsored in a Trial of Bloodright and won the Bekker bloodname.[1]

Once she attained her bloodname, she was transferred to a frontline Cluster within the Rho Galaxy. Here she wisely used the application of Trials and challenges to raise herself through the ranks as well as cultivating connections with influential warriors to lay the groundwork for her political career. When 3120 came, she was ready to ascend to the rank of Khan; however, she needed something to push her in the limelight to assume command of the Clan. That push came in 3125 when the Motstånd rose up. Dalia was able to bring the proverbial thorn in the side of the Clan to justice on Vipaava. She won the election for Khan of Clan Ghost Bear in 3126.[1]


As Khan, she promoted her conservative agenda of re-entrenching the Ghost Bears in the ways of old.[1]

She revered Devlin Stone and the idea behind the Republic of the Sphere. When Prefecture I began to crumble due to the loss of communications after Gray Monday, she sent three Galaxies into the Prefecture in order to stabilize the situation instead of sending the forces in as invaders.[1] Dalia did send in her forces to take fifteen systems from the Clan Wolf occupation zone when the newly formed Wolf Empire left those worlds undefended.[2]

In 3150, after Fortress Republic's Wall was downed, two planets of the Protectorate wanted to join again with the Republic, Atria and Ko, and the Khan let them go. But, to prove the Dominion's resolve, she ordered to launch raids against the Draconis Combine, taking from them easily the planets Dyev and Lambrecht.[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Ghost Bear

Succeeded by


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