Damage Type

Damage Type indicates how a weapon in the BattleTech game inflicts damage on another unit, as well as indicating any special rules that change how the damage is inflicted. For example, many artillery systems have a Damage Type of "AE" indicating that they are Area-Effect weapons.

Generally the Damage Type for 'Mech-scale weapons is divided into several categories:[1]

The Damage Type code also conveys any additional information about the weapon system. For example a Machine Gun is particularly effective at destroying infantry units, so it receives the AI Damage Type code. The codes for these additional effects are:

  • AE refers to an Area-Effect weapon (most often seen on artillery)
  • AI means the weapon is very good for anti-infantry operations
  • C indicates the weapon will roll on the Cluster Hits table (Missile systems)
  • F means the weapon can use Flak rules
  • H means the weapon can affect a target unit's Heat Scale
  • R means the weapon is Rapid-firing — (Ultra or Rotary Autocannon)
  • V indicates the weapon inflicts a Variable amount of damage
  • S means the weapon can Switch between ammunition types (MML, autocannon)
  • PD indicates that the weapon can operate in Point-Blank (ground) or Point-Defense (aerospace) modes[2]

When used with conventional infantry, the Damage Types remain the same except for Damage Type P. Damage type P indicates that the infantry unit is using a Physical weapon.[3]


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