Damon Hawkins

Damon Hawkins
Died September 3071[1]
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Clan Ice Hellion
Profession Galaxy Commander


Damon Hawkins started his career as a Clan Ghost Bear warrior who was captured in his youth and made Abtakha to Clan Ice Hellion. Unusually, Hawkins was able to not just regain his warrior status, but rise to the rank of Galaxy Commander, a rare feat. A small, squat man with a lumbering posture, Damon had wide shoulders and black hair, and was respected for having earned each of the advances he had made within the Clan. He was also well-known for his strong temper.[2]

By 3067 he was the commanding officer of the Delta Galaxy from Clan Ice Hellion and was credited with turning Delta into the Ice Hellions' most capable Galaxy. In that post his aide was Star Colonel Jude Hildenrath.[3][4] Hawkins led Delta Galaxy during Operation ICE STORM, the Ice Hellion invasion of the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone in 3071. When Hawkins decided to declare a Trial of Possession for Steelton in September 3071, despite it being a recently-taken holding of Clan Hell's Horses, his actions led to the breakdown in the pact brokered between the two Clans for the invasion that had been negotiated by the Ice Hellion saKhan, Connor Rood. Delta Galaxy was thrown into two weeks of brutal and damaging combat, but Hawkins had the misfortune of being killed in the opening skirmish, when a Point of Gnome battle armor defeated his Warhawk.[1][2]


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