Dan Kyle

Dan Kyle
Died 10 Sept 3050
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Star Captain

Dan Kyle (b. ???? – d. 10 Sept 3050) was a Jade Falcon MechWarrior and served in the elite Falcon Guards Cluster during the early stages of Operation REVIVAL.[1]


Star Captain Dan Kyle commanded the Falcon Guards’ Trinary Bravo, and was assigned a Thor OmniMech. He was characterized as a fanatical member of Clan Jade Falcon.


An Echo of the Past[edit]

Dan Kyle was a tall young man of indeterminate age, with chiselled features and thick blond hair. ComStar researchers studying old SLDF personnel records have established that he bore a striking resemblance to one Colonel Marcus Kyle, the commanding officer of the 29th Royal Dragoon Regiment. Marcus Kyle was one of those who left with General Kerensky on the Exodus in 2784. At the time of the Battle of Twycross, the link between the Clans and the long-vanished SLDF military was not known.

Conquering Twycross[edit]

During the assault on Twycross Kyle’s unit overwhelmed defending forces of the Twycross TMM at Redmond Pass, overlooking the city of Camora.[2]

The Counterattack[edit]

When the Federated Commonwealth staged a counter-assault on Twycross in September 3050, the Falcon Guards were still on the planet. Dan Kyle and his Trinary were with the rest of the Cluster as it entered the Great Gash in a bid to outflank the FedCom forces. He did not survive the destruction of the Falcon Guards.[3]

Intelligence Discrepancy[edit]

ComStar’s intelligence dossier on the Falcon Guards states that Dan Kyle was the only member of the Falcon Guards other than Star Colonel Adler Malthus to possess a Bloodname.[4] This is at odds with the attached unit summary, which mentions MechWarrior Gera Buhallin, a Loki pilot serving in Star Captain Kyle’s Trinary Bravo.[5]


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