Daniel Isberner

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Daniel Isberner
Born 1985
Occupation Author
BattleTech forum handle DarkISI
Homepage http://www.danielisberner.de & https://hpgstation.de

Daniel Isberner is a German author who works as a freelancer for Catalyst Game Labs as author, unit designer and factchecker since ca. 2008.

He is credited as a contributor for several BattleTech sourcebooks (especially Technical Readouts) and is a member of the MUL Team as unit construction/BV and spreadsheet expert. A (brief) interview with him was published via BattleCorps. More recently, his work has spread into fiction for the Battletech universe.

In 2014, Ulisses Spiele announced the Silent Reapers cycle, a serialized Jihad era novel by Daniel Isberner in Ebook format starting November (and a print edition for 2015).

Since mid 2013 he is also writing the "Battletech Wochenrückblick" for Ulisses Spiele. A weekly review of everything Battletech had to offer during the last week. This includes not only new products or production updates (for German and English products), but also notable fan work or information about upcoming conventions/events. The Battletech Wochenrückblick has since been suspended when Ulisses stopped supporting Battletech in a meaningful way.

He is running the German Battletech news site HPG Station (https://hpgstation.de).

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