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Daniel Sorenson (31st c.)

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Daniel Sorenson.jpg
Daniel Sorenson
Character Profile
Born 2991
Died 3067[1]
Affiliation House Sorenson
Parents Richard Sorenson (father)
Siblings Ilyana Sorenson
Spouse Julie Isesaki
Children Ivan Sorenson
Evette Sorenson

Daniel Sorenson was a thirty-first century House Kurita MechWarrior, nobleman, famed Commanding Officer and founder of Sorenson's Sabres.

Character Description[edit]

In his youth, Daniel had a slender stature, with brown hair and notable strong jaw. He was described as having the look of a born leader. He had the typical Rasalhagian disgust for House Kurita in his early life, only later would he become fanatically loyal to it.


Early Life & Early Military Career[edit]

Born on the capital world of the Rasalhague Military District of Draconis Combine, he was the son of the District's Lord, Richard Sorenson.

He attended the Rasalhague Military Academy, where he planned after graduating to become a mercenary. However, in 3007, his father, Warlord of Rasalhague, was killed in a Steiner raid. This would thrust him on road for revenge for his father's death. He then turn to join the DCMS, he had decided secretly to devote himself to excel as a MechWarrior so he could win a position in one of the Combine's Sword of Light Regiments. By doing so, he would have the best position he could obtain to avenge his father. Daniel formulated a plan to desert from the military to find and kill his father's killer and return to Rasalhague as a hero. After graduation, he did indeed succeed in classes and was assigned to the 5th Sword of Light. He only lacked information to find who his father's killer was.[2]

He was attached to the 5th Sword's Tarwater's Battalion, as Silvereen's Stallions Company's Fire Lance leader. While attached to the Stallions, his company was deployed to the world of Worrell in February 3021 as its garrison force. The planetary governor had called for assistance due to food riots. The Command Lance had responded, but once in the city the Stallions' company commander was killed outside of his 'Mech by a rioting mob. Daniel was then appointed as interim-Captain of the Company. He was then appointed by 5th Sword of Light's commander Colonel Palmer Conti as new Commander of the Company, renaming it Sorenson's Sabres.[3][4]

Formation of Sorenson's Sabres[edit]

After taking command of the Sabres, Daniel recruited a new Command Staff, due to the execution of the old one for failing to protect the previous commanding officer. Daniel had to reorganize the Company due to FedSun raids, that took away fighter support of the Company's Air Lance. His reorganization was noted to be among the most unusual in all forces of the Combine of the time.[5]

Steiner Space Campaign of 3021[edit]

In July 3021, the Company was dispatch for independent campaign along the Lyran Commonwealth border. Daniel led his company in strikes on Morningside, Fatima, and Fort Loudon. These strikes were aimed at less defended civilian infrastructure, as part of the Combine's campaign to demoralize the enemy.

On Fatima, Daniel proved his superior tactical skills in the city of Neuevo Lisbon. He managed to convinced a House Steiner Battalion commander that his force was a regiment in size. Then his camouflage forces used heavy smoke, fast moving air raids and electronic countermeasures to fool the defenders. The defenders pulled back from the boroughs of the city, leaving them easy targets for plundering by Sorenson and the 5th Sword of Light.

Sorenson's leadership and his force's skills led to a successful raid, leaving few casualties among his supporting personnel. After a successful campaign, he and the rest of the unit were assigned to Luthien for rest and refit.[6]

Refit, Garrison Duty & Pirates[edit]

Through January 3022 to April 3023, the unit was assigned to Galedon Military District. During his time in garrison, Daniel, who would normally would argue for a more active assignment, allowed idle time so the unit could refit equipment and its get much needed downtime. Bouncing from periphery world of Bad News to capital of Combine, Luthien.

In May 3023, Sorenson and his company were deployed with rest of its parent 5th Sword's parent Battalion, Tarwater's Battalion to world of New Caledonia. There unit was used to garrison the Rasalhague Military District world to fend off Water raiders. During this period, a well coordinated raid on opposite side of the planet had Daniel and his people rushed to fend off well coordinated Pirate raid. The Pirate's light 'Mech force had bottled up local militia forces. However Daniel was able utilize his fighter and LAM cover to help turn tide to allow Militia infantry forces break out of their defensive positions.

After the successful, routing the pirates from District, the Daniel his people were recalled back to the Galedon Military District to serve in garrison force on its capital world until September 3024.[7]

The Sun Zhang Academy and the Raids of 3025 & '26[edit]

Daniel and his force were sent to New Samarkand, where they had to provide additional cover for the Sun Zhang Academy. The school had come under threat by anonymous officers at the facility. Daniel despised the duty due to his dislike of the school and the type of officers it produced. The threats turned out to be empty and the duty had dulled the sharp edge that made his unit what it was. In August 3025, Daniel's luck changed with new deployment orders.

Deployed with the rest of the 5th Sword, Daniel and his people were called into action to counter the Davion offensive. Being given supplies, he led the unit in a series of raids along the Davion border with mixed results by the time it ended in October 3026. [8]

One of Daniel's unit's notable actions during the raids was part of clinching the Dragon's bid to take the Davion-held world of Ozawa. General Palmer Conti credited Daniel and his people for the 5th Sword's success. However, a week later, the world was recaptured by the 3rd Crucis Lancers. This was not at fault of Daniel and his people.[9].

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Daniel and his comrades were deployed in 3029 as part of the 5th Sword's commander's ambition plan to take back worlds from the Davions. First Deployed on Northwind, the unit Daniel his people's 'Mechs were painted (later discovered) with special paint. Their 'Mech were deployed across a reservoir for city of Cromarty. It was revealed several years later that the "paint" was in fact a bioagent which unleashed a virus that struck down the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry and five thousand civilians.

Late, Daniel lead his unit on fringe of the 5th Sword's battle with Kell Hounds Regiment on Nusakan. Majority of the 5th Sword was destroyed, while Daniel managed keep his unit from being severely damaged by the elite mercenaries. This left the Sabres dishonored by the actions of Palmer Conti's and 5th Swords' loss with end of the Fourth Succession War.[10][11]

The Unit's Civil War and Fall from Grace[edit]

For seven years, Daniel and the unit were used on light attack and fade raids, however Daniel's life would be changed forever. The first blow came in the form of the death of his beloved Uncle Ivan Sorenson in a freak auto accident. Then the announcement of the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic, where began strive in the unit in 3034. His uncle's death and devotion to the Dragon caused Daniel to remain with the DCMS, despite the feelings of his youth. While his members of his unit while station on Togura, namely his friends of Busosenshi Izora Soderstrom and Chu-i Cedrick Sveinson would come to blows with Daniel due to his decision. The would force him to incarcerate them. They would overnight his fellow Rasalhagian comrades would be freed and lead cadre of tech and support staff to try to rendezvous with a friendly Republic-bound DropShip. However, once discovered, Daniel and his remaining people pursued the rogue MechWarriors trying to plead for them to resign with honor. Instead they opened fire on him and the remaining Sabres. Daniel would be forced with his remaining of his loyal Sabres to take down the deserters. In course of the fight, another of his members, Eleanor Rubach, would turn on Vernon Marrone's 'Mech and kill masked MechWarrior for killing Sveinson their attack. Daniel once more, would be forced to kill another once loyal MechWarrior as well. After the battle, Daniel his two remaining lances of 'Mechs would return to base to soon informed of their ironic orders Kanrei Theodore Kurita. Orders pertaining that would have allowed his now dead comrades who wish only defect to go freely to Republic and for them to travel to Damian to assist in the training of the new Republic's troops there.

Daniel's force remained under staff on Damien, where he then faced the pirate King Hendrik Grimm in raid in 3035. His unit still capable, the faltered in preventing the pirates from taking three DropShips worth of stolen goods. The unit's failure to prevent the pirates taking Rasalhagian goods would cause Daniel and his people fall in disgrace and reassigned right out of the 5th Sword of Light.[12]

The Rebuilding and Resurgence[edit]

Daniel was reassigned with his company to Enif, where they garrisoned an armor production facility. This duty would be a challenge, with little support from the DCMS and an ISF verdict of roninism on Togure and failed training/garrison duty in Republic. Daniel would over the course of ten years rebuild the unit's roster and camaraderie. During the defense of the armor plant, Daniel final able bring his new fresh face people to hot fires of live combat. In 3034, pirates attempted to raid the Enif plant, but the Sabres successfully intercepted and destroyed the majority of the pirates and captured a Union Class DropShip to boot.

When a second raid hit the planet a few months later, Daniel's people were able to capture one of the pirates, who turned out to be a member of the pirate group, the Band of the Damned. ISF personnel interrogated the pirate and soon discovered the raiders were part of the pirate band that had been causing Combine problems. The Warlord of Galedon then authorized Daniel and his people to begin a limited search for the pirates. The Sabres searched parts of the Periphery border as far Land's End for the pirates. Daniel had only came upon a slaver vessel which they liberated, came up with dead ends. A year of pirate hunting ended with them returning to Tabayama for garrison duty. However, to the satisfaction of Daniel, the Sabres had been returned to the 5th Sword of Light's TO&E listings. This restored the Sabres to front-line service, ending their disgrace in exile.[13]

Later Career & Retirement[edit]

Daniel continue to lead the unit during the Clan Invasion of early 3050s. However, Kanrei Theodore Kurita kept the unit out of the conflict. The Sabres were designated as an independent company and became a secret unit not seen on the TO&E of any other front-line unit. The unit was used as a testbed force, trialing new technologies on Luthien.

Daniel during these years found a wife in Julie Isesaki, with whom he settled down and had twins. He also kept in touch with former Sorenson's Sabres members such as Shakir Jerrar.[14]

In 3061, Daniel retired from active service, handing over command of the Sabres to Tai-i Albert Benton. He then spent time with his family, before eventually passing away in 3067.[15]


Daniel Sorenson was noted as the pilot of a slightly rundown Marauder BattleMech for the first half of his career with the Sabres. He would later be personally honored with a new Hatamoto-Chi by the Coordinator. This 'Mech was fitted out with experimental weapons of the time, prototype LB-X 10 Autocannons in place of its PPCs. It also received prototype endo steel. These experimental systems were later replaced by standard production quality versions.[16]



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