Daniel Waylen

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Daniel Alison Waylen
Daniel Alison Waylen
Character Profile
Born 3008
Affiliation Federated Suns
Rank Leftenant
Profession MechWarrior

Leftenant Daniel Alison Waylen was a member of the elite Federated Suns unit the McKinnon's Raiders company during the 31st century.[1][2][3][4]


Early Life[edit]

Waylen was born on Sherwood, on the Federated Suns periphery border, which resulted in him suffering from prejudice through his career. He was however accepted into the New Avalon Military Academy, and while he was notable for the number of black marks on his record during his time there, afterwards graduated and was accepted after three years into McKinnon's Company as its first member not from Kestrel.

His misbehaviour at NAMA including brawling, surliness and more disciplinary infractions than any student who had not been expelled in the academy’s preceding 13 years. Ian McKinnon looked past this history when recruiting Waylen, given his own reputation as a maverick, seeing only a MechWarrior with great potential.[1][2][3]

McKinnon's Company[edit]

Waylen initially joined McKinnon's Company as a member of its command lance, to fill the slot opened up by Paul Danton's promotion to Leftenant in order to lead the Medium Lance.

A keen diarist, in 3039 Waylen wrote in his journal that he was on Klathandu IV when the Third Benjamin Regulars launched a counterattack.[5]

On 19 August 3048, he wrote about an intelligence raid on Thestria, where he fought against the First Proserpina Hussars near Fortress Ningpo.[6] Later in 3048 on 24 December, he wrote about a raid for supplies conducted on Valentina in order to improve morale before Christmas, which unexpectedly ran into resistance from front line units from the Ryuken-san.[7]

On 28 February 3049, Waylen wrote about successfully defending against a Draconis Combine raid on Cassias by units from the 32nd Galedon Regulars, after an extended high-g burn to the planet by McKinnon's Company in their DropShip the Galloping Ghost.[8] On 7 June 3049, he wrote about an engagement with Sorenson's Sabres on Benet III, which proved to be a hard-fought draw between two elite commands.[4]

In 3051, he wrote about his experience fighting the Clans on Waldorff under Ross McKinnon, including an engagement with a Clan Steel Viper unit using the new battle armor then available to McKinnon's Company.[9]

Waylen was eventually promoted to Sergeant and then Leftenant, together with command of McKinnon's Company's Medium Lance, after earning a field commission following the FedCom Civil War.[1]


Waylen was known to pilot an ENF-4R Enforcer BattleMech, 'Mech Identification Number ENF4R07198, which prior to being assigned to him had served with the Seventh Crucis Lancers since it was manufactured by Achernar BattleMechs on New Avalon in 3019.

Heavily damaged on Harrow's Sun, it was later salvaged and rebuilt, being piloted by a number of MechWarriors until it was assigned to Waylen when he joined McKinnon's Company. The 'Mech was also used to test an experimental NAIS Mk. I Gauss rifle developed by the New Avalon Institute of Science, and was paired with two ChisComp 39 medium lasers.[1][2][3]



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