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Danielle Peterson

Danielle Peterson
Character Profile
Affiliation Federated Suns
Rank Leftenant
Profession MechWarrior

Leftenant Danielle Peterson was a member of the 1st Chisholm's Raiders in the early 31st century, and a noted Federated Suns MechWarrior, due to her famous skill at the controls of the normally ponderous Awesome.[1][2][3]


Personal Attributes[edit]

Seemingly at odds with both the blocky appearance of the Awesome and the stereotypical look many hold of female MechWarriors, the blonde and rather petite Danielle Peterson was quite beautiful, with a joking and friendly demeanor. Her fame however came not from her beauty, but what her comrades in the Chisholm's Raiders called her "knack" with her Pretty Baby, virtually becoming one with the machine, able to react as if it were her own skin. Seemingly uninhibited by the Awesome's typical lack of maneuverability, on more than one occasion when surrounded by enemy BattleMechs, she literally skipped aside to avoid an incoming missile strike aimed at her Pretty Baby.[1][2][3][3]


As of 3025, Peterson was a MechWarrior in Delmar's Assault Lance, Tagaki's Battalion of the Chisholm's Raiders. By 3039, she had been promoted to Leftenant, and her displays of extraordinary agility made her famous in all the Successor States. This had even led to several Solaris VII stables offering her tremendous financial rewards were she to retire and join them. While not outright declining, at the time of the War of 3039 Peterson publicly maintained that her allegiance to the Federated Suns came first and that she did not intend to retire until the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns were done with her.[1][2][3][3]


Peterson was known to pilot an Awesome BattleMech, nicknamed "Pretty Baby".[1][2][3][3]


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In MechWarrior Online the Pretty Baby Hero 'Mech first released in February 2013 is easily identified by its flashy flame paintjob and unexpected speed, achieved through the use of a 340-rated extralight engine. The MWO Pretty Baby (serial number AWS8V99TG-2957) also features a unique weapon loadout as well - mounting a standard PPC in the right arm, an LRM-15 in the right torso, a medium laser in the head, Large Laser in the left torso and an SRM-4 in the left arm. 19 Double Heat Sinks, two tons of LRM and three of SRM missiles keep it in the thick of battle.

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