Danielle Rondema

Eirene Rondema
Died 3028
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons
Profession Captain


Danielle Rondema was the commanding officer of "Rondema's Roughnecks" from Beta Regiment.[1]

She had a stormy relation with Captain Michael Mercier of Epsilon Regiment.[1]

During the Battle of Misery her company participated in one of the most famous actions early in the campaign. Captain Danielle Rondema's Charlie-First company, a heavy-assault unit, encountered a Ryuken company at Hamar Valley in the Trolfjel Highlands. Despite the blizzard-like conditions, the Dragoons attacked in earnest, quickly destroying the entire opposing force before a second Ryuken company could reinforce them. "Rondema's Roughnecks" then turned their attention to the second company, destroying it in short order as well. Rondema's Company earned much acclaim from their fellow Dragoons in Beta Regiment for destroying two companies without suffering more than minor damage. Colonel Jaime Wolf personally congratulated the Roughnecks on their prowess.[2][1][3]

During the Battle of Wapakoneta in 3028, Colonel Andrei Shostokovitch and Colonel Kathleen Dumont recognized that the Third Proserpina Hussars tactics were going to be able to destroy one company at a time.

They successfully used Beta Regiment's Fifth Provisional Company, under the command of Captain Danielle Rondema, to lure a battalion of the Proserpina Hussars into a massive ambush, where almost the entirety of the remaining Dragoons attacked, with 60 'Mechs firing on 30. Known as the Fight of Ploven's Fields, Colonel Dumont activated a minefield beneath the Hussars, and a dozen Kuritan 'Mechs were destroyed before they managed to withdraw. The Hussars regrouped with the Twelfth Galedon Regulars, looking to rest and repair. The Dragoons had lost three pilots and five 'Mechs in the exchange, but they salvaged two of the Kuritan 'Mechs. The lull in the fighting that followed these events coincided with the lull in the Fourth Succession War that seemed to envelop the Inner Sphere at that time.[4][5][6]

During that same battle, her company tried to do the same they had done in Misery, but they overextended themselves and ended wiped out by two battalions of DCMS troops.[1]


She piloted an Atlas.[7]


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