Daoshen Liao

Daoshen Liao
Daoshen Liao
Born27 January 3071[1]
AffiliationHouse Liao-Centrella
Title(s)Duke of Capella[2]
Duke of Castrovia[3]
ParentsSun-Tzu Liao (father)[2]
Naomi Centrella (mother)
SiblingsIlsa Centrella
ChildrenDanai Liao-Centrella

Daoshen Liao (born 3071[4][5]) is the son of Sun-Tzu Liao and Naomi Centrella.


Early Years[edit]

Sheltered from public life duing his upbringing, Daoshen grew up hearing the stories of his ancestors' own exploits as well as their belief in their own divinity and destiny to rule the worlds of the Capellan Confederation.[5] From these stories, he grew up differently from his father, Sun-Tzu Liao, and came to believe in his father's divine status, as well as his own.[6] This belief was reinforced by Daoshen's exemplary performance in martial education, although his father barred him from a frontline posting during his early military career.[7] Instead, he was given the responsibility of overseeing the CCAF's JumpShip chains and supply lines, through which he gained an understanding of logistics and organization.[8] During the Victoria War, Daoshen skillfully coordinated the Confederation's troop movements and responses to the attacks of both the AFFS aggressors and the opportunistic invasion from the Duchy of Andurien. His popularity, and the belief in his godhood, continued to grow with each of his military successes, to the point where his public favor threatened to eclipse that of his father.[9] This caused a visible rift among the people of the Confederation between supporters of Sun-Tzu and those enthralled by Daoshen - on several occasions, these disagreements escalated to violent confrontations between the factions.[10]

Capellan Crusades[edit]

During the Capellan Crusades that began in 3111,[11] Daoshen took a more day-to-day approach to leading the campaign, personally coordinating the execution of Operation DIVINE RIGHT from his headquarters on Sarna[12] while his father took less of an active command role. Operation DIVINE RIGHT started well for the Confederation but lost momentum after Kai Allard-Liao took the field against the Confederation.[13] Daoshen himself was nearly captured by the RAF after they counter-attacked Sarna, and was only saved from capture by the timely arrival of Warrior House Imarra.[14] Allard-Liao continued his path of destruction through Capellan forces, and was only eventually slain by Death Commandos in 3113. Daoshen, in response, led a mass offensive of Warrior House units towards Sarna while Sun-Tzu attacked Liao and there meeting his death.[15]


After the death of his father, Daoshen officially became the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation and negotiated an end to the conflict within a few months. However, Daoshen was dissatisfied with this peace, and swore to one day revenge himself upon the Republic of the Sphere.[16]

The opposition that Daoshen gave to the Republic along most of the Dark Age was minor. It consisted of a yearly affair of sending the ambassador to Terra to demand the return of Capellan territory. That changed once the Blackout happened in 3132. Then he was able to unleash the full military might of the Confederation in order to regain ancestral worlds that belonged to the Liao Dynasty.[5]

On March 3146, Daoshen ordered the launching of a new wave of attacks against the Federated Suns, and after knowing Julian Davion was geting inside Fortress Republic sent a task force, Chong Che, to follow him,. but they were destroyed. On 22 August, he had a meeting with Sang-jiang-jun Isabelle Fisk, debating about The Wall and what appeared to be RAF forces attacking capellan worlds and how to react to their threat.[17]

On 3147, after Julian Davion launched Operation CERBERUS, the reconquest of New Syrtis, he ordered massive counterattacks led by his daughter Danai, attempting to retake the world. It failed, and after ignoring his younger cousin Ki-linn Liao threats and her suicide, he was shocked to the core.[18]

On October 3148, he had a meeting with his major state, including Danai Liao, debating about if to make peace with the Federated Suns or not. And, mainly by Ki-linn's suicide, eventually condemned the peace promised by Danai to Julian Davion, though also kept the truce with the Suns. Considering Danai too little Capellan, assigned her a tutor, her cousin Wilhemina Liao.[19]

On September 3149, Daoshen ordered the launching of Operation BAOYING, the invasion of the Fortress Republic space, with an unexpected success. After rejecting Xavier McCarron's advices of caution against attacking Terra, he had another meeting with Danai, which convinced him to plan better the Terra's invasion.[20][21]

The same year, he sent his diplomats to the Draconis Combine, making an alliance known as the Unity Pact.[22]

In 3150, he sent a task force to conquer Northwind, to capture its HPG and take revenge against Northwind Highlanders defection in the Fourth Succession War.[23]

In March 3151, following the MAC's defeat on Northwind, Daoshen punished the unit by shaking up its leadership, which included the removal of Xavier from command of the MAC. When Xavier protested the decision, the Chancellor raged and ordered him executed along with any other MAC officer who objected to the move. Xavier's son Cyrus McCarron didn't protest or attempt to save his father but instead offered himself as a replacement commander for the MAC. Daoshen refused, instead naming Danai Liao-Centrella as the new commander of the MAC. When Cyrus insisted, Daoshen threatened to erase the McCarron name of the unit, ultimately allowing Cyrus to retain his position in the MAC under Danai's command.[24]


Although he was the son of Naomi Centrella-Liao and therefore a claimant to the throne of the Magistracy of Canopus, Daoshen did not hold the Magistracy in high esteem and never styled himself as having any relation to that realm.[25] Indeed, he thought of the Magistracy of Canopus as little more than a vassal state of the Confederation, and was enraged by his mother's decision to recall MAF troops from Confederation space to prevent Daoshen using them during the Capellan Crusades.[26]

He is not known to have married though he did have one child, Danai Liao-Centrella, with his sister Ilsa Centrella.[27] Daoshen believes that he is an extension of the Capellan state and he always wears that mantle, even with family.[28]



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