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Daoshen Liao

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Daoshen Liao at age 74 in 3145
Daoshen Liao
Character Profile
Born 3071
Affiliation House Liao-Centrella
Rank Chancellor
Title(s) Duke of Capella[1]
Duke of Castrovia[2]
Profession Noble
Parents Sun-Tzu Liao (father)[1]
Naomi Centrella (mother)
Siblings Ilsa Centrella
Children Danai Liao-Centrella

Daoshen Liao (born 3071[3][4]) is the son of Sun-Tzu Liao and Naomi Centrella.


Daoshen grew up hearing the stories of his ancestor's own exploits as well as their belief in their own divinity to rule the worlds of the Capellan Confederation. From these stories, he grew up differently from his father, Sun-Tzu Liao, and believed in his own divine right to rule.[4]

During the Capellan Crusades, Daoshen took a more day-to-day approach to leading the campaign while his father stayed in the position of keeping morale high during the conflict. Once Sun-Tzu died in 3113, Daoshen officially became the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation and negotiated an end to the conflict within a few months.[4]

The opposition that Daoshen gave to the Republic was minor. It consisted of a yearly affair of sending the ambassador to Terra to demand the return of Capellan territory. That changed once the Blackout happened in 3132. Then he was able to unleash the full military might of the Confederation in order to regain ancestral worlds that belonged to the Liao Dynasty.[4]

He is not known to have married though he did have one child, Danai Liao-Centrella, with his sister Ilsa Centrella.[5] Daoshen believes that he is an extension of the Capellan state and he always wears that mantle, even with family.[6]



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