Dark Wing Cluster (Clan Jade Falcon)

A dark green falcon holding a BattleMech's arms in its talon
Dark Wing Cluster
Nickname The Old Vultures
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Gamma Galaxy

This Cluster is one of the many Solhama units in Clan Jade Falcon. Note that "Dark Wing" is a generic term in Clan Jade Falcon denoting solahma units,[1] so the unit described here, also known as The Old Vultures may be "a" (and not "the") Dark Wing Cluster.


In 3051 the unit was assigned to Apollo when Snord's Irregulars attacked the planet in search of an SLDF facility which turned out to be Camelot Command. After defeating elements of the cluster, they left the planet, but there was enough information still on the planet for the Dark Wing Cluster to locate by themselves the SLDF facility.

The unit embarked in the Hawk Eye (an Aegis WarShip) along with the Diamondstar (a Union-C DropShip) and the Majestic Defiance (another Union-C DropShip). Surprised by the batchall issued by Snord's Irregulars, they accepted the fight, which they lost.

The survivors plus the DropShips were taken by Snord's Irregulars as isorla and entered their new clan: Clan Snord.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Dark Wing Cluster
Star Colonel Damon 3051[2]



Composition History[edit]


Dark Wing Cluster[2]

  • Command Star
  • Trinary Alpha
  • Trinary Bravo



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