Daryl Keller

Daryl Keller
Died 3059
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit

Daryl Keller (born ???? - died 3059) was a saKhan of Clan Blood Spirit during and after Operation Revival.[1][2]


Described as a charismatic man who often risked his life in battle with his troops, saKhan Keller held command of the Blood Spirit's Beta Galaxy until his death on Priori.[2]

Spirit, Burrock and Adder Woes[edit]

When Clan Star Adder brought charges of an un-Clanlike connection between Clan Burrock and the Dark Caste before the Grand Council, Blood Spirit Khans Karianna Schmitt and Daryl Keller eagerly broke their Clan's near-total isolation to cast their votes condemning the hated Burrocks. However, when the Rights to Absorption were granted to the Star Adders, the Blood Spirits felt once more betrayed by the rest of the Clans.[1]

Instead of sitting by and observing while the Star Adders Absorbed the Burrocks, Khans Schmitt and Keller launched their own attacks against Burrock holdings, hoping to make gains while the two Clans fought their Trial against each other. This plan backfired when Star Adder and Burrock forces ceased fighting and fought together to repel the Blood Spirits. The fighting on the world of Priori turned against the Blood Spirit invaders, as Beta Galaxy was destroyed as an effective unit. SaKhan Keller died fighting the Star Adder's 9th Armored Cavalry Squadron as the Adders and Burrocks launched a well-coordinated counter attack. The survivors were quickly organized and fled off-world under the leadership of Star Colonel Troy Boques, though Beta Galaxy ceased to exist on Clan rosters with the death of its commander.[1][2][3]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Blood Spirit

Succeeded by
Troy Boques


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