David Peterson

Admiral David Peterson
David Peterson
Died 2707
Affiliation Star League
Profession Commanding Admiral

Admiral David Peterson was the Commanding Admiral of the Star League Defense Force from 2680 to 2707. His appointment was controversial, both for his young age (45 years old) and the fact that he was from the Navy.[1][2]


Prior to Peterson's appointment, the Army and Navy of the SLDF were at odds with each other and suffered from a lack of cooperation. Navy WarShips were permanently tied to divisions and corps and were seen by the Army as little more than a means of getting ground forces from one planet to another or protecting their lumbering transports. Under Peterson, Navy ships were freed up to act independently without having to report to the Army, and special task forces of combined ground and space units, under the command of Navy Captains for the first time, were used to chase after pirates hiding deep in the Periphery.[1][2] It was Peterson who broke with the assumption that each of the twenty numbered SLDF Navy fleets would operate alongside the corresponding Army for the first time.[3] Many small and medium WarShips would operate independently or in pairs, Peterson paved the way for the adoption of naval squadrons, groupings of up to a dozen ships that were often based around a small central cluster of battleships or carriers and which were tasked with specific duties. Despite the reforms many ships would retain close ties to their former Army associates, sometimes referred to as "mud lovers".[2][4] Under Peterson's leadership many of the inter-service rivalries between the two branches of service ended, and close doctrinal ties were formed between the two.[2][5]

Admiral Peterson was also instrumental in beginning a military renaissance within the Star League, most famously with the start of the Space Defense System program,[1][2][5][6] his commissioning of the Land Air 'Mech,[7] and the distribution of new advanced technology to Royal units. He was further involved in the First Hidden War and the creation of the Advanced Combat and Maneuvering Skills Project, most commonly referred to as the Gunslinger Program, training special champions to take on DCMS ronin in deadly combat duels.[1][2][5]

Admiral David Peterson died in a DropShip accident in 2707 and was succeeded by his aide, Ikolor Fredasa.[1][2][5] He would remain the only Commanding General of the SLDF not to have been a Regular Army officer.[2][5]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Killian Squarn-Turk
Commander-in-Chief of the Star League Defense Force

Succeeded by
Ikolor Fredasa


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