David Sandoval

David Sandoval
Character Profile
Affiliation House Sandoval
Position Lord Protector of Robinson[1]

David Sandoval was the founder of the Sandoval noble house that would come to be one of the ruling families of the Federated Suns.


Robinson was first settled by colonists from the First Terran Exodus, who were attracted by its rich black soil and pleasant living conditions. The majority of the land's early settlers were farmers who soon discovered the world was rich in mineral and oil deposits. However, off planet corporations seeking to exploit the mineral wealth soon arrived and came into conflict with the farmers, who had already claimed the majority of the planet's available land. The resulting political crisis fueled by conflicts with major mining concerns in the Terran Hegemony led to the collapse of the planetary government. The Robinson planetary militia commander, David Sandoval, stepped forward and took control of the failed government.[1] Declaring himself "Lord Protector", he seized the foreign companies' assets and lands to stabilize the situation. He forged a land-reform bill which shifted control of all land transactions to his new government. This resulted in the Sandoval family becoming incredibly rich. Though new policies eventually came into place to weaken this arrangement, the Sandoval family would eventually become the planet's ruling nobility.[2]


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