Davion I (WarShip class)

Davion (Destroyer) TRO3057r.png
Davion, Block I
Production information
Introduced 2510
Production Year 2510[1]
Use Destroyer
Tech Base Star League
Cost 1,926,841,000 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 520,000 tons
Length 685 meters
Sail Diameter 1,120 meters
Fuel 5,000 tons
Burn Rate
Safe Thrust 2 g
Top Thrust 3 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 11
LF Battery No
Armor 571.5 tons of Standard
DropShip Capacity 0
Crew 287
Grav Decks 2 x 65 meter diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 0/10
Heat Sinks 2,550 Heat Sinks
Structural Integrity 55
BV (1.0) 85,303[2]
BV (2.0) ???


The black sheep of the Federated Suns Navy, the Block I Davion-class destroyer was a complete debacle. For the heavy destroyer's intended, independent missions, Davions mounted too little armor and poor firepower. Cost overruns and production delays proved devastating to the Federated Suns naval budget. The first Block I Davion slipped its mooring 10 years behind schedule.[2]

Few Block I Davion-class were actually ever constructed, launching between 2510 and 2512. The death of Prince William Davion halted the project.[2]

Block I Davions that survived the Federated Suns Civil War were relegated to Periphery patrols and escort duty, until they were sold to the Star League. However, rather than start from scratch and produce the originally intended destroyer, Prince Alexander Davion had the class upgraded. The Block II Davion-class launched in 2552, a significant change which resulted in a very capable vessel.[2]

Block I Davions in Star League service which survived the subsequent Reunification War were eventually upgraded, becoming the prototypes for the Whirlwind-class destroyer.[2] While all of the Davion I class WarShips had been retired from active service with the AFFS, there were rumors in the 2760s that the navy would reactivate some mothballed Davion Is as a part of the rapid rearmament program, which would have resulted in both classes of ship potentially operating alongside each other.[3]


Ironically, the Davion-class does mount reasonable armor, and is maneuverable. In fact, the weapon systems are also very reasonable. The problem with the Davion-class is that the design is shortsighted, squandering space and mounting unnecessary systems. The vessels mounts no aft-left or aft-right defense, has startlingly few life boats, and no escape pods.[2]

Because the class was not a total wreck, the Block I was upgradeable, and newer Block II Davions were easily constructed with only slight modifications to their parent shipyards.[2]


Davion-class destroyers are failures as both WarShips and as transport vessels. The class possesses no DropShip collars, and its two bays are only able to manage two aerospace fighters and ~70.5 thousand tons of cargo.[2]

Related WarShips[edit]

  • Whirlwind-class destroyer – shortly before the Reunification War, Prince Alexander Davion decided to lease (and later, sell) Block I Davion-class destroyers to the Star League Defense Forces. These vessels were stripped, rearmed, and redesignated Whirlwind-class by the Star League Navy.

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