Davion Warriors' Cabal

Davion Warriors' Cabal
Organization Profile
Type Political Group
Founding Year ca. 2952
Dissolution year: 2961
Parent Organization Federated Suns

The Davion Warriors' Cabal was a faction of AFFS MechWarriors that opposed First Prince Peter Davion's efforts to dilute the power of the MechWarrior aristocracy that had risen to prominence within the Federated Suns in the early Third Succession War.



The Cabal's beginnings date back to the reign of Joseph Davion II. Originally the most favored branch of the military, the wealth and nobility lavished upon them turned many to prey upon the civilians they ostensibly protected. Though Joseph routed the worst of them, they retained enough entrenched wealth and power to oppose the reforms of Joseph's son, Prince Peter Davion. When Peter attempted to dilute their power by forming the Knights of the Void, through which he planned to raise aerospace pilots to equal (or perhaps greater) status, the MechWarrior elite began to fear for their place at the top of the AFFS' hierarchy. After the massive success of the Great Lee Turkey Shoot, many of these warriors formed the Warriors' Cabal to move against Prince Peter.[1]


After the widely celebrated success at Lee, Peter felt that the time was finally right to make his move and began purging the AFFS ranks of MechWarriors who opposed him. After years of Peter trumpeting the value of the aerospace pilot, they had become regarded as heroes throughout the nation.[2] Though some of Peter's advisors urged him to proceed more cautiously, the First Prince believed that he had crossed a tipping point where public support for him and the fighter pilot corps would protect him. Unfortunately, Peter's actions had the side effect of pushing those MechWarriors who had not opposed him into seeking out the Brotherhood for protection.[3] Peter actions ranged from cashiering soldiers from the AFFS to stripping them of lands and titles. The worst examples were arrested and Dispossessed. Eventually, the Cabal commanded the loyalty of thousands of AFFS MechWarriors.[2]

In 2961, Peter visited the world of Breed. Ostensibly he was surveying the rebuilding efforts on the world, but in truth he came to confront three officers from the Cabal. An officer on-planet, Colonel Jeffrey Dempsey, had threatened to kill Peter if the Prince moved against him. Like his father, Peter decided to confront the mutineers in his army personally. Unlike his father, Peter did not survive this attempt, as five mutineers ambushed the First Prince as the Prince and his entourage approached the Cabal base. The combined fire killed Peter instantly.[3]

Apparent Destruction[edit]

If the Cabal thought that Peter's son Andrew would be cowed by their action, they were mistaken. The public was instantly won over by the young Major, who showed dignity and grief in equal parts as he announced his father's assassination to the public. New recruits also began to avoid the Brotherhood, realizing that Andrew would want to avenge his father's death.[3] When five regiments of MechWarriors loyal to the Cabal refused to swear their loyalty to Prince Andrew, the Prince sent the entire Davion Brigade of Guards after them.[2] The destruction of the Second Avalon Borderers on the world Deshler marked the end of the Cabal, with all its members dead or imprisoned.[3]


The Cabal was once again active in 3061, and likely later. Leftenant Sarah Benz lost out to a Cabal member for a promotion, her unwillingness to take the loss in stride earned her the Cabal's enmity.[4]


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